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I dug out some of the information I squirreled away almost 20 years ago.   Some of this I may have posted in other places at one time or another....


The Laptop 125 uses a 5.5 mm outer diameter and 2.5 mm inner diameter connector for the AC power input.  Actually, the inner diameter may be a tad smaller, but it's larger than 2.1 mm.   Digi-Key part number CP-004B-ND should work. 


The Laptop 125 connector is a Hirose DX10-28 part.


Display is LM64135Z from Sharp (not sure about the trailing Z).

Connor Hard Drive Specs.
model           cylinders   heads   sectors

CP2064          823                 4             38
CP2084          548              8             38



The AC adapter outputs 19VAC at some large current, either 1.5A or 2A, IIRC.  The part number for the AC adapter connector  appears no longer current, but EP501B-ND would probably work.


The "connector" referred to above is for the cable that connects the laptop to the SCSI or external floppy units.  HOwever, I think that DX10 is the connector on the Laptop.  The connector is Hirose's DX series.  The DX10 is the circuit board right angle connector.  The D30 is the cable plug connector --- with two of these you could make  your own cable.   The number of conductors is 28.  So DX10-28 for the logic board connector.   DX30-28 for the cable plugs.


I know that those Connor drives work in the Outbound.   Other drives with the same parameters would probably work as well.   I think that there was a 20MB and a 40MB drive that worked. 


Anybody remember an outfit that I think was in Oregon called Ready Access Memory, Inc.?   They used to advertise in the Mac magazines, usually fairly small sized ads.   Their web page way back when listed the Outbound 125 docking interface cards for the Plus and the SE.    I know I tried to call them back when.  IIRC they said they were sorting to figure out what they actually had in stock and to call back again later. 


Anyway, with all the digging that folks here have done over the years, anyone know who the human behind Ready Access Memory was and have contact info for them?   The stuff is probably long gone, but we do keep hearing about folks emptying out storage units...

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Yes - the machine is up and running. I hacked together a power supply of correct voltage with a suitable plug. I've all brand new batteries as well.


I let it charge for a while, and then tried to start it up by pressing an arrow key, as I interpreted the sticker on the keyboard. Nothing. Let it charge some more. Nothing. Finally, I realized the sticker showed all four arrow keys, so I pressed them all at the same time - chime and boot! Felt kind of like Gandalf at the door to Moria :)


Machine has 2.5 meg RAM and a 40 meg drive. It also has an issue with the LCD. Trag - having the part number for the panel from your post might at least give me a chance to find a replacement.


I'll need to figure out how to re-install the System software; with no floppy I'm guessing I'm going to have to try and get the machine booting from the RAM drive, and then install new OS and the Outbound extensions to the HD via AppleTalk, then force a boot from the HD by pulling the batteries and letting the RAM disk die. This may be interesting to do in Finnish! If someone wants to rent me the floppy drive and cable for a few days, I'm all ears :)


Big thanks to Cosmo for making the trade for the machine, and to aplmak for certain required disk images!


Attached is a quick, low-light picture right after first boot.




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I dug up some 1 MB SIMMs tonight, and populated the Outbound. I now have 4 MB of RAM vs. the 2.5 MB I had before, plus I now have a 4 MB Silicon Disk.


Once I confirm I'm booting from the RAM disk, then I can set up Appletalk and try and get a full install in English with the Outbound specific files on the spinning disk.


Thank goodness for Finnish -> English translation websites! So far, I haven't had to bug Cosmo for translation hints :)

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