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My first 68k assembler program

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I just 'finished' my first 68k Macintosh program ever in assembly language, using  Lightsoft LIDE 3(Fantasm 5) on my Macintosh IICI. It is no big deal, but as a 17 years-old mac user, I still am a bit proud.
It is a simple dialog box that pops in front, tells stuff and asks for your name. After clicking the "GO" button, it closes and pops another dialog box that tells "Greetings,«Your name»!" with a "Thank you" button.
It seems to work fine on my Mac IICI. It also works well on my powermac 7100 when booted up on a system prior to 8.6.
But, on my Macintosh SE( and Plus emulator), the dialog boxes doesn't show up correctly. It is not realy centered and the dialog is smaller, so it doesn't shows all the text. It doesn't crash, but it still is bothering that it doesn't seem to show up correctly on compact macs.
I uploaded the whole project (including the resources, source code and the APPL binary), so everyone can look at it. I archived it with DropStuff 5.5.
Help with my problem and maybe advice on 68k assembly would be really nice!
Thanks in advance!

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This is great!


Your problem is not with the program but with the resources. You have the pop-up windows at a fixed setting and fixed location. This is fine for most applications but not all. You need a tiny routine that gets the Gestalt number of the Mac, compare it to a list of classic Macs, and set the pop-up windows to the Mac/Monitor used. This means making a couple more resource settings for B/W Macs and the Mac Classics. The rest of the program as you have is to be left untouched as it properly outputs to the pop up windows.


You just have to set what pop up window your program needs as by the Gestalt Numbers. I figure it is maybe 10 more lines of code to get the Gestalt Number and set the pop-up window resource ID and at least 2 more resources for the 2 windows in the B/W Macs.

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