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Since everyone else is....

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posting their Mac TVs I figured I would post mine too. I have been waiting to have a more complete setup and yes that is design keyboard from Europe and not proper keyboard but it's the best I can find to match. On that note anyone have a spare black Apple mouse :)


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Love the Mac TV, nice one.


I have a spare black mouse, but I'm in Australia...


Also, there are at least two of us here in Australia that have imported a Mac TV now :) but not sure I'd do it again, was pretty pricey 5 years ago when I brought mine in, would cost double now.

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I know it wouldn't be authentic but, unlike the keyboard (which would need key caps), the Apple teardrop ADB mouse comes apart and paints up real easy with black for-plastic paint.  I even taped up the metal shroud on the plug and painted the whole mouse cable too.  Wasn't perfect, but it looked to the casual observer like it belonged with the MacTV.

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