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68k Mac's, onboard video, and LCD displays?

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As the title suggests, I am jonesing for some info regarding the use of modernish TFT displays on pre-PPC Macs, as I have a couple of VGA adaptors and limited space. I assume the onboard graphics controllers simply will not support large high resolution monitors or smaller monitors designed to run at high minimum resolutions, but what of smaller sizes/cheaper displays up to about 15" and capable of lowish resolutions? Does something like say a IIvx, IIsi or LC475 have the stones to run 640x480 and if so, are the controller refresh rates compatible with a modernish TFT display?


I use a Compaq 1501 15" on my G5 currently and it is a nice display for what it is (nothing on the Studio Display that it is fillling in for but still nice), is very compact in footprint and capable of 640x480 at a stretch... what are the chances my IIvx will have what it takes to support this?



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Welp, took a dive and it paid off... Never has System 7.5 looked so great!





Only problem is that seeing as though the IIvx is hogging the G5 screen I am now using the G4 to do this and the Tiger install on here is a sack of crap, so the only browser that's not crashing is Mozilla 1.7 and there are no browsers Ive gotten to work in 10.3.6 and cbf finding my 10.3.9 .pkg file. lol First world problems.

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Hi Schmoburger,


Like you I have a 15" LCD (NEC white which matches the 68K machines nicely) which suits my needs perfectly well, along with a 10" Lillput VGA LCD for bench testing.


If looking out for a more modern display, look for something that can natively support a 640 x 480 resolution (1280 x 960 pixel doubled), or pixel mapping so that borders are displayed on the screen while running at native resolution (otherwise the screen will be stretched)  Usually start with looking at Dell 19 - 20" 4:3 monitors which tend to work with more refresh rates than cheaper models.


Another versatile monitor is the Dell 2407WFP or 2408WFP which is the ultimate monitor for retro computing IMO, due to the multitude of inputs available.  I've had one of these for years, and it's always a pleasure to basically be able to plug in anything retro and it works, albeit stretched.  The Dell soundbar speaker which clips onto the bottom of the bezel is another nice piece to have.



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Cheers for the infor guys! :D Yes I must admit I am loving this whole SYstem 7 on an LCD experience... beautiful!


This 1501 was chucked in with my current G5 when I bought it and I must say I really do like it a lot... only 3 supported resolutions but for a cheap LCD that isnt terrible, It's silver so it matches the G5 and sort of the G4, and the form-factor is great for my limited space... it has a tiny base footprint and is at most 2" deep from front to back, and also has a remote PSU meaning you only have a thin little power cable into the back and can stuff the brick wherever its out of the way. :)

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