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Schmeaux's present stuff and future conquests...

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Tonight's project was to get the CC playing nice over Ethernet, which then turned into installing  and setting up MacTCP and finally after some degree of fiddling and tweaking setting, culminated in this...




I am a little excited by the fact I have a 16Mhz Mac connected directly to high speed broadband and browsing the web in some rudimentary form. I was also equally chuffed to find out the original Mosaic/Netscape page is still up after 22 years, making it an ideal candidate as the first web page to hit up on a 10" trinitron. :)

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Latest addition to my towers of power collection... a sad and lonely, long forgotten Sawtooth 400. Quick PMU reset and it runs like clockwork. :)




I havent decided what to do with it just yet, I'm sure it will get put to some good use soon enough though. :)

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Cool thread, I'll be keeping an eye on this one every now and then.


I like the idea of keeping a running 'conquest' thread. Add to it as you inherit/purchase or otherwise discover things. Might do one myself.


Quite jealous of the Colour Classics. I have a couple myself but they all need some work. It's nice to see a Quicktime sticker on one of them still too.

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Cheers mate! :) Yeh the CC with the QT sticker was owned by my godmother since it was brand new... got handed down in the early 2000's with a bunch of things. Still have the warranty papers, manual and some software somewhere or another too :) The other CC that I restored was my sisters and was surplus  from a high school... dad picked it up for about $30 in 2000 for my sister and I ended up with it after she outgrew it and I built her a 7500. :)


Whilst I am back on this thread, it's worth mentioning that I cracked open the 9600 again last night and swapped some cards round and reinstalled the T2000, this time in the 2nd slot from the bottom as was advised by somebody on the forum here (apparantly there it is explicitly instructed by the manufacturer that this is the only slot it is to be installed in if it is to operate correctly), and it does now seem to operate without any conflicts, and without killing the lower 3 PCI slots as it had done when I removed it. It no longer causes freezes when the ethernet cable is unplugged or messes with the serial ports as it sporadically did in the 3rd slot up, and now shows a full array of modes in the screen colour and resolution control strip modules for the Targa video output as well as the screen mirroring module etc. I'm yet to plug in another display to see if it operates as a second display and hook something up to the RCA breakout to see if the input works correctly... that is a job for another day. :)

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I reckon I would have got my Colour Classic in 2000 too. Picked it up for free from my local library when they upgraded to a Windows PC for the 'word processing' room, haha.


Mine came with all the manuals, discs and stickers. My goodness, those were the days!


I guess that's why we collect and hoard these things, with such fond memories of times gone by. Makes me more enthusiastic for my 'ultimate Colour Classic setup' with AppleDesign speakers, colour StyleWriter.


I've dug out a 9600 CD bezel, just one though - if it's useful to you for the cost of post?

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Inboxed you about bezel macman! :) Definitely an improvement over the lack of bezel I currently have hahah


And yeh I really do enjoy using the CC... it is an absolute slug even by 68k standards, but it is small, functional and user friendly. I used to use my sisters one (which is my currently working one now) a lot just because something about using a 10" AIO functionally 10 years after it was made was just really.... nice.

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So this thread has been going for a while now and as yet my 9600 hasn't made an appearance, so I figure seeing as though I just reshuffled things and put it in a more permanent spot on the desk of power, it would be fitting to give it the introduction it is deserving of. :)

So here it is, one PM 9600/200MP...





I wanted one as a young whippersnapper (and was also fully aware it wasnt happening anytime soon), and have wanted one ever since and well, not all that long ago, one happened to come up for sale about 250km away and for the price I simply had to have it... I also obtained the IIvx earlier in the thread as part of this package deal and well, having spent the better part of the evening playing Mac's with the fellow who had multitudes of things which he was quite happy to part with, I ended up gladly shelling over about $150 (give or take) which saw my car piled with a working IIvx, a IIsi needing a PSU, a bunch of cables, and the most important thing the 9600, as well as a full boxed Targa2000 capture card, a Crescendo G3/400-1M card, some RAM, a 64Mb R7000 PCI, and a spare almost new 9600 logic board... and probably some other things I may have forgotten to mention. I was more than happy at having hauled some priceless things, and made a new friend and valuable contact, so it was well worth the 500km round-trip.

Currently this now has the G3/400 Crescendo card installed, runs 512Mb of RAM in an interleaved config and with some slots spare still, PCI bus completely filled with the TT128 stock graphics card (probably the only stock part left as it is picky about graphics cards), an Ultra SCSI card, USB-Firewire Combo card, a 4-port USB card ( I beleive this is 2.0 and only usable in OSX... which is possible as XPostFacto is installed), a 10/100Mb ethernet card, and that awsome beast of a T2000 card which aside from it's primary purpose as a capture device also allows dual-display functionality in either split or mirrored mode at a resolution up to 1152... I tried it out and it does the dual screen thing nicely. :) There is an 8x CD-R drive in it also and a 10Gb, 8Gb and miserly little 1.5Gb HDD under the lid, and it runs OS9.2 via the helper utility as well as being able to boot OSX 10.2 with XPostFacto (which I currently cant do due to a broken install and I may not fix it as there is no reason to run it with OSX aside from bragging rights).

In any case it is a great secondary daily driver and a fantastic support machine for my 68k and early PowerMac collection, especially as far as making the network functionality of the CC truely useful as I can download things quickly from the comfort of the G5, scoot them over the to the 9600, then simply connect via Appleshare and grab what I need off the 9600, which aside from serving as a repository for anything useful to really vintage Macs, I have also started using to store backups of all my remaining working hard drives in my vintage machines so I do not lose anymore viable system folders or software that is hard to get. :) It really has become one of my most useful conquests to date, and I can still browse most of the web with it, even if it is a tad sluggish compared to it's younger brother across the desk. :)

So, there you have it! :)

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I've neglected this thread for a bit, however that isnt to say things havent been happening. :

 For one, I recently added a Sawtooth G4 to the tower of power collection... It's very stock, a little dirty, and has a couple of broken case latches but it worked like a charm after a PMU reset so no worries. :) It is missing the correct AGP graphics card, so I was limping it along on my stuffed PCI Rage128 card that is artefacted but works in everything. I will try and source a stock card or a later AGP Powermac graphics card for it soon enough. :)


It is a stock as a rock 400Mhz model, 128Mb of RAM, original 10Gb HDD, and has Panther on it that actually runs quite respectably with the minimal amount of RAM. I am not entirely certain what use this will be put to yet... I have no real use for it at this stage (or any of my earlier NW machines for that matter), but it's nice to have.

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So as you probably know I intended to delve into the cave and retreive some more treasures, bats and spiders some time back but didnt know where to start... well I found the motivation, and as there were a few machines that seemed to tickle everyones fancy I used them as a starting point on my expedition. So the latest animals to make the move over to Batcave MkII are a quite loaded IIci, a rather mint condition ROM03 IIgs, and of most interest, the 5500/250 Directors Edition "Black Mac"....


Most of you would be familiar with the 5400 DE, and the 5500/275DE as they were sold in various markets around the world, however the 5500/250DE seems to cause a fair bit of headscratching among many afficionados as it was a model that was basically unique to the Australian market... most will tell you it doesnt exist until they see it in the flesh! lol

Anyway, this machine came to me in mint condition about 10 years ago, and even then they were not cheap and were sought after... I was lucky to have had it given to me. Unfortunately now, some monkey has interfered with my old batcave and managed to damage the case grilles, and the spindleresque plastics mean that I accidentally snagged one of the rear cover tabs on a shoe rack bringing the machine indoors and snapped that off too. I will at some stage likely attempt a repair of the damaged top by cutting a section of the grill from a dead 5260 I have lying around and grafting it in place then painting it to match the rest of the machine.

Now unfortunately, the rubbish 4.5V Rayovac battery has leaked (which I half expected) and it had caused some corrosion on the board. and on the fingers of the comm slot ethernet card... the more fortunate bit though is that a good toothbrushing removed most of the corrosion to reveal the circuit traces and chip legs largely intact, and indeed the machine did boot to the desktop best I can tell?

"Best I can tell?"

Yep... it will not display video, in fact it appears to not power up the CRT at all. This in all honesty is unsurprising as 5xxx machines are no stranger to flyback circuit failures. This being said, there is nothing saying that the logic board itself is not at fault and simply failing to tell the display to power on. the only way I will know for sure is try the board in one of my beige 5500's (assuming they still work) and rule it out. In any case the board will need at the very least a thorough wash and quite likely some other attention down the track due to the battery issue and will eventually require a recap anyway.

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Next one looking sharp after a quick spruce up is the ROM03 IIgs... In all honesty I only ever really used this once and then put it away in a dark place as it was in such good nick.




One thing I love about this machine (and a few others from the era) is the silkscreened monograph on the front of the PSU housing you can see in the open picture. The ROM03 IIgs in general is just a really pretty, well-made, "finished"-looking machine IMO, with all traces of it's IIe ancestry wiped clean. It really just does reek of good quality and good design. I actually sometimes wonder what these machines could have become had history taken a different turn and had the gs and the hardware and software supporting it continued to be developed. :)

 At the time this was procured I really only had Apple II software available and no gsOS stuff, so the ROM00 "Woz" machine with the 256k memory upgrade was ample and realistically ideal, so there really was no reason to ever play with this. Nowadays I would like to get myself some gsOS disks and have a play with it... that being said, this is one of a trio of gs's I own, being this one, the ROM00 "Woz" Limited Edition, and another which I beleive to be a ROM01 and in decidedly poorer condition than the other two but was still functional... I basically kept this last one  as a parts hack for the "Woz" if it ever broke, but I may just start toying with it as a hack to play with both dedicated gs and II stuff, as it takes up far less space than my IIe and it's gargantuan display, and is fully functional as a gs unlike the "Woz" (assuming it is indeed an 01 which I beleive it to be as the boards are decidedly different between them).

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And here we have the IIci after a tidy up... I love everything about these machines and they are definitely among my favourite desktop cases... except for when it comes to cleaning them. *bangs head against wall*... It took me nearly an hour to get all the grime and dust out of all the grooves in the plastic. But that aside they are soooo damn easy to take apart... literally one screw and a handful of nice soft plastic latches.



Unfortunately this one will need a cap job and some cap leakage damage control before it flies again, but thankfully the damage does not seem too horrific. I must say it bums me that this did work perfectly when I parked it 10 or so years ago. Ah well. You win some you lose some... I didn't really expect it to work without new caps.

Oh and also I dug out my old MacALLY AEK-wannabe from the keyboard cupboard... an AEK it most definitely is not, but it does the job well enough and looks the part. :)


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Just recently pulled some machines out of storage including this Powercenter 132... One of a pair I have. I just replaced the CD-ROM drive with one I seagulled out of the dead WGS, as the original one would not respond or spin up discs. Hence the lack of frnt controls on the drive itself. :) These are an absolutely fantastic design... Everything is easily accessible, easily removable  and laid out logically.


Unfortunately no interior shots as I forgot to get some before I put it back together and stuck a 17" CRT on top.

This formerly belonged to the local paper, the South Coast Register (hence the sticker) at one point in its life, and has a folder full of news stories going back 20 years. Kinda interesting to have such a little snapshot of the past. :) And yes I know some would call this an ethical disaster, myself included usually, however as these were all news stories which went to print in a tabloid 20 years ago, I beleive there isnt really a dillemma here at all... It was obvious that all these documents were news articles and not personal effects. Just though I should clear this up before I get shot. :)

I'm currently backing up the system folder on the clone as we speak, meaning I have it and the 9600 going as well as the G5... it sounds like I am on the tarmac at LAX  with 6 hard drives and 12 fans running at once. It's also becoming quite toasty in here with 3 machines going...

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Yep, I had a 5500 Director's Edition, but decided to move it on because I don't have the space, plus the plastics are terrible.  Oh, and I prefer the Mac TV anyway, so I kept the TV and sold the DE!


Whittling down the collection now to the really good stuff, finally pairing each machine with a keyboard and mouse and packing the good stuff away safe and sound.


Good to see how long you've had some of these for, and how well you are getting them back up to scratch!

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Yeh they are garguantuan and awkward machines the 5500... my first ever Powermac was a standard white 225 and it was at the time, a slick, fast and capable rig, and I have always had a soft spot for them. But yes, the plastics are among the worst I have ever seen on any Mac to date. It literally gives way in your hands if you pick them up the wrong way. If I ever find a mac TV for sale in Australia I will probably be all over it... They are one of my grail machines and always have been. :) At this stage I am in no big hurry to repair the DE as even when I do, I have no place to permanantly install it (as it is way too heavy to be moving in and out of rotation like i do with my desktops.


But yes, I'm at the stage now of sorting through what I have, dragging out the rarities and particularly volatile machines first and working out what works, and what needs to be done to make others work, and preserving the best examples of the other stuff, and working out what is to be reduced to parts, what can be kept for future trade. Realistically the Oldworld PPC and 68k portion of my collection stems largely from the period of time around 1999-2005... at that stage I was basically in the mindset of collecting AAAALL OF THE THINGS. If I saw a grey Mac somewhere, I bought it no questions asked... Same with accessories. As a result I ended up with huge numbers of duplicate  machines (eg. I have 4 7600's, 2 7500's, 3 7220's and at least half a dozen 63xx machines) and a cupboard full of peripherals. The NewWorld stuff is mostly from the period from 2006-present and whilst I went out of my way to procure some of it, a lot of it just found me by chance... usually because friends would end up with access to a haul or replace their individual machines and automatically asssume I wanted them. As a result I have about a dozen complete iMac's and as many that have been reduced to parts, as well as an eMac, my Power Tower collection (which techcnically dont count as they have largely been my succession of daily driven machines) and then my pair of Lombards and Pismo. Obviously there are a few old world things I have received more recently such as my 2nd IIvx and my 9600, which were machines I actively went out of my way to get, but realistically I havent collected much OW/68k stuff for around 10 years. :)

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My latest eBay conquest arrived, in the form of a pair of G3 Minitowers which I purchased for 30 bucks and got a friend in Victoria to pick up for me... his mother in law (also a nerd from way back in the days of BBS's) just dropped them off to me an our ago after coming back from a 10 hr drive. God bless her!:D


The one on the left is a 266 and the one on the right a 300... I actually initially bought these specifically for a  CD-ROM bezel, a drive sled, and a drive bay RF plate for my 9600. However the machines are largely complete, and assuming I have one working logic board and one working PSU then I can build a  97% complete G3 minitower (with the exception of the CD bezel as there was only one in the lot which is now on the 9600) needing only some RAM and a hard drive from my stockpile. So I am going to see what I can get to work, and with luck I will have two serviceable logic boards  such that I can get a working 300MT and also possibly replace the acid-damaged board in my 266DT, assuming the boards are the same, which they look to be going from memory alone.

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Nice score on the G3s - I was watching the sale (wasn't for me but hoping someone would buy), glad they are largely complete and you can build up a super G3 from the two, hopefully?


Yep I couldnt go past it...  I beleive the may be a member on here somewhere actually as they mentioned both forums to me. :)


I ended up using the bits I required from them to finish off the 9600 so it is now a 100% complete machine, and then spent the early hours of the morning assembling the 300MHz machine into a complete unit using the best parts from both machines and now have it successfully powering on and attempting to boot from a HDD and a CD... it failed to boot and had a spaz when i tried to boot it of a HDD then i realised it is a 9.2.2 install which the beige ROMs may not like, and it tries to booot from a CD but I beleive the one CD-ROM drive that was in the 266 machine is on the fritz. Aside from this what should hopefully be a minor issue, I should have it booting by tonight after work or tomorro, and all it is missing is a CD bezel (lol... here we go again) and a couple of RF plates.


I ended up having two spare drive sleds, a spare FDD on a sled, a spare fan, and another PSU left over as spares from the junk case, and I have found confirmation of my suspicions that the MT and DT boards are identical for given revisions, so I will be removing the board from the junker tonight and placing it into my DT which copped a leaking battery... Basically, I have managed to build an entire machine, and use the majority of the leftover parts to fix existing ones plus have a couple of handy spares, so all up I'd call this a thoroughly rewarding haul! :)

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Glad they're proving useful ;)


I will have to create a thread myself soon, to show off my collection.


BTW, I seem to recall there is a jumper switch setting on the G3 MLB to choose whether it is in the DT or MT casing... I think it relates to PSU compatibility.


Hope this helps,



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I have to say you are definitely among the best people ive dealt with on evilbay in years mate... An absolute pleasure! :) I do very much look forward to seeing a stash thread in the near future!


And yes you are correct, the J28  jumper near the lower PCI slot configures the board for the DT (MAC setting) or the MT (PS2 setting) power supply... with the MT using what is basically a standard ATX unit.


Anyway, the 300MHz machine now looks a lot more like a Powermac than it did before. :)


It just needs a few RF shields and some better bezels at leisure. :)


Meanwhile this is the stack of parts I have left... the Rev.1 logic board will be going into my 266DT to replace the board that had a battery meltdown, and the rest can go into inventory for a rainy day aside from the empty case which will get thrown away unless anybody wants it (a bit too shaggy for me to use for anything.).



Incidentally, whilst the CD bezel is a bit yellow by comparison to the rest of the 9600, it certainly looks a lot better with it in place, and nothing a retr0briting wont fix... :)


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Thanks Nic, I look forward to seeing your thread in the near future... if the list in your signature is anything to go off, there are some interesting things.  The 8500 and PB145 are ofparticular interest... also two machines I would like to get my hands on soonish. :)


So, the G3 minitower is now successfully booting 8.6 from a CD after replacing the CD-ROM drive (currently using my test drive)... Now just requires a hard disc. IN the process of getting this running I decided I'd use it as a testbeed to verify that my 7600 and WGS drives had definitely failed. I kind of hoped the 7600 was just a bucket and the SCSI controller had failed, however sadly the drives are just as dead on the G3 as on their respective machines. Ah well... I am in the market for some new SCSI hard drives I think.

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