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I recently got a Newton MessagePad 2000 in nice shape for a very low price. However, the reason the cost was so low is the fact that it does not have a battery or an Interconnect dongle. I was wondering if there is an alternate way to get things on the Newton and use it as a tablet, that costs almost nothing.


I found an OS9 app called "IRDA Package Installer". Does anyone know if I can use that to install ethernet drivers for a PC Card? If so, I may try and get an old PowerBook to sync to it. (I kind of want one anyways, as I found the disks for Alpha Centauri in my attic - but it is horrible under SheepShaver)


I also found a .STL file for a 3D printable battery tray. Has anyone tried that?



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There is a bootstrapping problem with Newtons and new machines, and you may well just have to buy some old tools to do the business, things like an interconnect dongle. However, on unna.org, it's said that packages can be beamed to a Newton using the freeware IRDA Package Installer (according to the developer, at any rate) but then you need a late model black PowerBook like a Wallstreet to do the business.


I haven't tried it using that utility, mind. Perseverance, and a utility like Packtype or Packager, will likely come in handy.


This place is not a very active site on the Newton front. But there are good how to guides out there, including 'how to dos' with recent hardware. Have you searched?

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The easiest modern way is through wifi... that definitely does represent a bootstrapping issue - not really but something like that because you need the drivers on the Newton initially.


I mean... in a real pinch, you could (buy and) send me or whoever is most convenient a PCMCIA storage card and I can put the WaveLAN drivers on it. Then you'd also need a WaveLAN PCMCIA card. I can look up the model I use later.

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