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Daynaport installer driver needed

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Hello all

I've recently acquired a Daynaport E/si30 PDS Ethernet card for my SE/30, but I have no drivers for the Ethernet card, I've spent days searching the internet, but any promising links all seem to have died long ago, I've tried the mac museum but the DaynaPort-installer-7.x.x link is also dead.  Is there anyone who could email me the needed files or possibly point me to an active link to download the driver software 


any help  is greatly appreciated


Many thanks, Josh. 

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, the first link does download an image file but nothing is able to mount or open the disk image I've tried win image, HFVexploxer, and disk copy on my SE/30 and mini vmac. most of the files on the second link seem to be dead, It just brings me to a blank page. 


Thanks for the reply.


I've repackaged the .sea here as a .sit - may bring you more luck.



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Let me know if that link doesn't work for you.  I have a copy of this driver also, its one of the harder ones to find.  It took me a good 3-4 days to find it online.  And I found it on a mirror of a mirror.


I have the same card in my SE/30 so this is the driver you need:




This card works best in 7.5.5.   What I did:


1. Installed 7.1 -> 7.5.3 -> 7.5.5  (I use a Doug3 rom so I had to patch 7.5.3 and 7.5.5 to work on my mac which has full 32-bit addressing.)

2. Installed the driver above

3. Installed Open Transport 1.3, Appleshare client 3.7.4

4. Connected a 10 Base T ONLY hub to my router.  These cards cannot link to modern hubs, routers, or switch, because they normally will not downgrade their signal to 10-base-T.  My solution was to buy a 10-base-T ONLY hub from the early 90's made by D-Link.

5.  Headed to TCP/IP and set Connect via DHCP.  If you have a solid green light on your PDS then you should be good to go with this.  If not, you will need to manually enter this information.


This honestly took me a good week - week and a half to get right.  I am not as techy as some people here I realise that, but I think its a fairly finicky thing to do.  Good luck let me know if I can help.

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It should.  I just realised I was replying to someone in 2014.  Thought this was a new thread.


Regardless, IIRC the link I gave you gives you an installer for like 7-8 different Daynaport devices, and you choose between them.  Without loading it up I am pretty sure that the installer is there for their SCSI devices.  Best of luck friend

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