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Another LC-TDK PSU Repair (no Recap)

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This repair was rather simple, but Digikey sent a substituted part. I ordered these clips as they are the same ones used on the LC PSU connector. They sent another type that does fit the pins on the motherboard. But it was a rabid female dog to put it in the plastic Molex connector.


This LC-TDK failed because for some reason the connectors corroded and pulling on the wires, they popped off with a broken clip on the end! Trying to shove the wires back in the connector made the LC make a "Flub Flub Flub" noise when it was turned on. The corrosion on the remaining clip was black on the silver part and green on the inner copper core.


The PSU also needed a recapping but the connector clips needed to be replaced first. Replacing it fixed the PSU that it can turn on an LC. But it also produced a fish smell indicating that the caps need replacement.


Biggest hints as to the clips needing replacement -


1) the space where the clip is in is dark, almost black.


2) When you grab it and pull on it, a wire pops off. You wont be able to get it back in to make a good electrical connection.


3) When you try to fish the remaining connector out to try and solder it, it falls apart.


4) Solder wont hold onto the corroded pieces.



To replace the connector, you need to pry open the clip at the wire end and pull the wire out. Cutting the wire and trimming the insulation will make the wire harness too short and you need to pull and stress it to get it on to the board. The wire needs to be as intact as possible from the clip.


Since I had to use a replacement clip, I had to fudge with it inside the plastic of the connector until it fit and lined up inside. And like I said, it works without the "Flub Flub Flub" noise, though the fish smell says it needs a recap. That's next on the list.

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Found the clips that goes into the Molex connector:



Just got to order it and repair the harness.



This is the clip you need, a J-shaped metal piece that folds onto itself. The plastic piece you just throw out or use it for something else. (larger image below)





BUT when the order came in, I got this:




It is a different shape and difficult to fit into the LC's plastic connector but it will fit in there with some wrestling. It is a square shaped barrel with a fin in the front. It is this fin that will give problems. The square barrel does fit into the pins on the LC Board snuggly, ensuring a proper electrical connection on all sides of the pin and not just one side like on the J-Clip.


In talking with Digi-Key, they sent that one because they ran out of the J-Clips and the J-clips are no longer made in the USA. They could back order them from China but that would take a long while, so I decided to work with this square clip.


It does work but it's a rabid female dog to fit in. When you crimp the wire in place and fit the pin into the connector, the front fin will bind inside the clip. You need to go into the board side of the connector and with a small jeweler's screw driver or fat paper clip, go into the clip and from both ends wriggle it about until it lines up with the hold on the board side of the connector.

Once the clip(s) are in place inside the connector, you can put it on the LC Motherboard connector and turn on the machine.

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