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Typical Video Board issue with all Mac SE versions and SE/30.

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so the above post is re this part:





i am wondering if this will work.

36 ea cents for 10

ManufacturerTexas Instruments Product CategoryCounter Shift Registers RoHSicon_rohs.gif Details   BrandTexas Instruments   Counting Sequence:Serial/Parallel to Serial Number of Circuits1 Package / CaseSOIC-16 Logic FamilyHC Logic TypeCMOS Number of Input Lines9 Propagation Delay Time150 ns, 30 ns, 26 ns Maximum Operating Temperature+ 85 C Minimum Operating Temperature- 40 C PackagingReel FunctionShift Register   Mounting StyleSMD/SMT   Number of Output Lines1   Operating Supply Voltage5 V   SeriesSN74HC166   Factory Pack Quantity2500  Supply Voltage - Max6 V   Supply Voltage - Min2 V   Unit Weight0.004938 oz
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In this case with my order of 10.  I emailed orders@mouser.com

Told them to add 10 to my 1st class order that i had placed the day before. Because i knew it hadn't left yet anyway.


They said no they could not add it.  But would send me these out first class on them.

so i paid my 3 and change and got here the same time as the other order.

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Hi everyone, I have the exact same problem on my Macintosh Classic. In my case, I changed the 2N3904 transistor and it runs back as normal – I wasn't sure at first though. Unfortunately after few hours of usage, now another problem has occurred – it shows straight thicker horizontal lines. Sometimes the machine boots, most of the times it won't (no bong). I tested the voltage on the SCSI, it shows as suggested (12V & 5V). I tried adjusting the voltage in the A/B but no luck. I guess it needs a recap job on the A/B and logicboard.


Btw I got this from eBay, but the CRT damaged during shipping (the damage more than just the CRT, even the housing break off the chassis). I had to replace the CRT with the non functioning Macintosh Plus that I luckily found in my local antique store. Luckily the CRT from the Macintosh Plus is still in pristine condition.





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