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Found 4 results

  1. Hi from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I recently picked up a couple of vintage Macs along with some peripherals: A Classic II, a Quarda 605. I had an LC back in college in the early nineties, and I wanted to re-experience the feeling once again. Both computers were advertised as "not working", but having done some research beforehand, and by the seller's description, I figured the faults were likely capacitor and battery failures. The Apple Color Plus Display would only power-on momentarily and then shutoff, so, rather than spend time recapping a monitor I was uncertain
  2. I just got an very nice LCIII on eBay with an Apple IIe card, Apple CD 300, and an apple color monitor. Still exploring how awesome this machine is... its all in great shape and everything is running well. I have read that the LCIII supports different video resolutions but can't find a Control Panel or other way to change it. I can change the number of colors (B/W, 256, thousands) but don't see an explicit way to change the resolution (I have read it supports resolutions of 512 x 384, 640 x 480, 640 x 870, and 832 x 624 - depending on VRAM of course and maybe on monitor?) Thanks.
  3. Hi. I have a PowerBook Duo 230 with problem. When I tired to turn it on, I see on screen a floppy disk icon with symbol "?" What I need to do ? I attached file if somebody understand what i mean. Sorry for my bed english, I'm from Belarus
  4. I recently got a Macintosh LC 520. It has System 7.1 installed but it contains a whole bunch of old garbage & extensions so I wanted to do a fresh install. However when I insert my 7.1 install disk I get an error that 7.1 is not supported on this Mac (tried several versions). Is there a special version of 7.1 I need for it? Can someone point me to an image? Thanks
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