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Found 8 results

  1. An impromptu live recapping Old electronic devices with surface mount electrolytic capacitors are often affected by capacitor leakage. Watch Bruce of Branchus Creation muddle through the recapping of a Macintosh IIvi. New to recapping? Watch the man and learn some cool stuff. Enjoy!
  2. So this is not about the retrobrite that the 8-bit guy completed, that turned out very nice. Instead it is about this really bad video he did, sorry I know some of you may like him but this video was wrong in so many ways that I had to warn potential viewers. I couldn't comment on youtube because they were not available for this video. Do not twist off caps from any logic board, it's not in the manual as it were for a reason … you run the risk of ripping of the pads that capacitors are soldered to. Once a pad is removed through the force of twisting off
  3. Dear Forum members I am coming to you with a concern. I've never had to remove a tantalum cap before and am concerned that they may blow up (explode) if I expose them to too much heat, more so when desoldering. Is this a general concern? I do know that I shouldn't be exposing anything to more than 3 seconds of continuous iron heat but I just want to understand if there are safety concerns that would absolutely require I wear googles. I get kind of spooked by little things that go pup so… I will be using a TS100 soldering iron which can go up to 400°C.
  4. Hello Please find a link to expertly crafted videos. Not only are they invaluable as a reference to a variety of soldering techniques but they cover a range of applications and best practices. I recommend these videos for anyone who wants to review or enhance their knowledge of soldering basics. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I have. Basic Soldering Lessons 1 - 9 These 9 videos will educate you on the basic soldering knowledge and practices used today. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL926EC0F1F93C1837 Kind regards —Alex
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