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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I have a PowerBook 230 with two power bricks. Last time I turned it on was half a year ago, just to see if it still worked before I trying to sell it locally. Then the condition was unchanged from before I put it in storage: all ok, but some flickering on the screen and vertical lines across the screen from white windows. No one was interested in buying. So after reading a lot on this forum about recapping, I thought I might as well give it a try. And of course it was long overdue: the printer port was almost loose from the PCB from corrosion. Just for fun I also recapped one of
  2. I recently acquired a 7100 that used to crash a lot when starting. I didn't hear any cases of 7100 needing new caps, but anyway I checked them. I then found that one silver SMD electrolytic cap has leaked (near the CPU). It was 6.3V 100uF, and I replaced it with a new tantalum. Now the machine works like it should, but there still remain 25 more silver SMD caps on the board, however they look like brand new and show absolutely no signs of leaking, and they are all 16V 47uF. Should I replace them anyway?
  3. I have just recapped the LC II. After a recap, it worked correctly -- it had a steady picture, it chimed and it booted off the SCSI CD-ROM into System 7.5. Then I installed the Asante network card, which was originally installed, and it stopped to chime, but it boots and works correctly. Removing the card did nothing. Also the board was throughly cleaned twice, so there is no cap leak residue. I discovered that it actually chimes, but extremely quietly, if I put the speaker next to my ear, I can hear a faint chime sound. I also triple checked all my recap work, and found no problems. Also
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