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Found 3 results

  1. A couple of weeks ago, I posted in the Trading Post, about wanting to buy new Nubus slot covers (and CD-Bezel kit), and @elbaroni gave me a clever suggestion to look for 3D-printable parts (https://hackaday.com/2019/01/19/unobtanium-bezels-finally-modeled-for-3d-printing/). But then one of my cover latches chattered into pieces, so I decided to do something about the missing or broken parts of my newly acquired Quadra 950 and work on my 3D-modeling skills at the same time. First up, new cover latches. (Inspired by this project https://modelrail.otenko.com/apple/quadra-950-case-issu
  2. I am wondering where people obtain parts for repairing PowerBooks. My sources have been: 1. eBay (of course) - a mixed bag, but tonyzz has been reliable consistently. 2. www.PowerBookmedic.com - running low on supplies. I‘ve had mixed results from them, but have found customer service to respond quickly and satisfactorily to problems. I recently ordered their last two blowers for the 867MHz/1GHz TiBook. One of the items was a fan for the 800MHz TiBook. Mere hours after contacting them about it, they had refunded half the order and shipping costs. 3.
  3. Hi, I just bought a slightly parted out imac g4 online. It was missing a PSU, drive cage and heatsink. I have aquired these items, but now I need the screws to mount them. I have sourced most of them, but I still need the long ones which are used to mount the dome to the bottom case, and the ones used to mount the logic board. I was wondering if anyone could give me the sizes of these screws. Macman0512
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