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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! I made a post on reddit about my Macintosh Plus problem and there I was told about this forum, so here I am! I bought a Macintosh Plus about three years ago, I boot it up from time to time and it worked, some problems here and there* (see below), but it worked. This week I tried to used it and I got this black screen and weird beep noise coming from the speaker. After some reading online, I tested the voltage which was very low. +5v was reading random numbers below 1v. Same for the +12v. I cranked the voltage knob on the inside a little bit, it booted and I got a reading o
  2. Hi folks, I got a LC as not functioning, no HD, no Floppy I connected a SCSI2SD with an external PS At startup I hear a happy chimes, the LED in SCSI2SD flashes just once, no further attempt to boot no video, no flickering it stays silent forever after a very soft tick sound VRAM tested in another LC, OK RAM swapped and tested in another LC, OK RAM replaced, OK bad RAM, chimes of death The video adapted is used successfully in another LC, same configuration, OK PSU, voltage OK: it works it in another working LC, I us
  3. Hi everyone, I have Macintosh Plus, the screen disappears after some time and I usually just slap the side but now it doesn't work the screen Is completely blank (yes I turned the brightness to maximum amount alas nothing changes). Does somebody know how to fix it or what causes it?
  4. I just recapped my Macintosh IICX because it was having the common issue where the computer won't turn on and the power supply just clicks over and over again. Also, the sound wasn't working. After recapping the computer, the machine turns on just fine, but there is no chime and nothing is displayed on the screen. Do you think that I messed something up while recapping it or is there some other explanation to this problem? By the way, it worked fine before I did the recap on the rare occasion that it would actually power on without clicking repeatedly.
  5. Hi all, My Quadra 840 AV which I recently acquired from the roadside, has no video output, chime, or hard drive. There was a note attached to it that said it needed a new PRAM battery, so I replaced that. Still no chime, most likely because of the missing HDD. I remembered I had a 50 pin SCSI hard drive from a Classic II that wasn't working, so I tried using that to terminate the SCSI cable. It would start up, seek the HDD, wait 20 seconds, seek again, and would continue in that fashion until I turned it off. Yet again, no chime. I don't have the caddy for the CD ROM drive,so I have no w
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