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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I hope you all in good health, lockdown brings me in the basement often then usual My challenge is about networking my Macintosh II. I have: 1) 8mb RAM system 7.5.5 scsi2sd (irrelevant) Daynaport (st) E/II card 2) Installed Apple network software 1.5.1 Installed Daynaport driver 7.7.1 , specifically for (st) E/II 3) hardware diagnostic identifies the card correctly, no errors found software diagnostic identifies correctly the drivers 3) appletalk enabled with control panel choos
  2. A few days ago I picked up some vintage apple Macintosh computers along with some vintage apple accessories and was ecstatic when the person giving me the computers said I could have their Macintosh IIfx in near mint cosmetic condition (besides some yellowing of the plastic) free of charge. When I got home however and opened the beastly machine I was presented with one of the worse cases of PRAM battery leakage I have ever seen. Both the PRAM batteries had leaked onto the motherboard and it was not pretty to say the least. Now I'm tasked with repairing my Macintosh IIfx but I don't even
  3. I’ve bought the “#2 Asante MacCon-IIET Ethernet Network Card Mac Macintosh II 09-00100 NuBus” from eBay, without knowing if works I have no experience with this card but maybe some one here do? Really appreciated! BW, Kristian
  4. Greetings. Thank you all for help getting the Macintosh II up and running. I installed 8 megs of memory in it using 8 1mb simms, it had 2mb in it to begin with using all 8 simm holders. Those memory chips seemed smaller than the ones I am using now. Anyways I have system 7.0 on it and it works but seems to be glitchy. Files are not there when I restart the computer, I can not change the name of the HDD to Macintosh, always returns to untitled. Needs to be restarted like three times before it will be usable and the icons (like in the apple menu or control panel) wont be there until the thi
  5. Heyyy all. Whats up? So, I have this Macintosh II computer which I re-capped the MoBo, snipped the batteries off and the machine starts every time with the battery jump method but wont boot. As I understand the diskette drive in there is only an 800k one and the Macintosh II wont take a 1.44 mb one with out the mod or something like that. How does one go about making an 800k boot disk. Also I believe there is an issue with the HDD in it as well. It works and I can hear it spinning and reading but I always get the disk icon with the flashing arrow. This is by far the oldest HDD I have e
  6. So, I manage to snag an illusive 'Wicked Fast' Macintosh IIfx on eBay... While getting a Mac IIfx was great, of more interest was finding out what was inside this beast - eBay shared this glimpse of what was inside... Getting my hands on it at last and opening it up, I found that all 6 nubus slots were full: Time to find out what was in this lucky door prize... Now, working through these... 1st card: Radius Video card of some sort? 2nd card: Apple PC Drive Card with 50pin interface- what does this do??? 3rd card: Macintosh Display card - a 'Toby' video u
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