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Found 7 results

  1. I recently came across a Macintosh External Disk Drive, model M0130. When I opened it up to check the manufacture date (April of 1984), I also discovered that it had a rather odd model revision: OA-D34V-01. I was under the impression that only the original Sony OA-D34V and its revisions OA-D34V-02 and OA-D34V-22 existed as 400k drives. I tried looking up info about the specific drive revision on mine, but found nothing except the usual info on the 3 known 400k drives. Has anyone else here come across, or even heard of, the -01 revision before?
  2. Think the Macintosh 128K, 512K & Plus motherboards don't need a recap? Time to Think Different. It's been 35+ years since the debut of the 128K & 512K, folks. Fluid-filled capacitors don't have eternal life. Properly chosen solid Tantalum, on the other hand, will last the life of the board. My video below shows recapping of the keyboard too. PLEASE watch on YouTube so you can expand the text description under the video, as it contains Mouser Carts and important info, especially for you Mac Plus owners. https://youtu.be/vz2NGF5Vuao
  3. It’s been long in coming but I finally kicked it out today. Yes, even your working order Mac 128K through the Plus can use a recap. A video INDEX is in the text description on YouTube to help you easily refer to different sections of this 1 hour video. Even if you aren't interested in a recap, check out the bad Flyback segment where it lights up in the dark!
  4. I need to replace a couple PRAM batteries in my 512k machines. Have any of you made a purchase recently? I see this EN133A/523 on Amazon for $6.60 + $1.99 shipping. You will also find an "Excell" brand for a higher price. To me, even $6.60+$1.99 is rather expensive. I'm curious if there's a quality difference. Most likely they are both made in China, but even in China the quality can vary. Thanks.
  5. Here is a new video I just made for you 400k floppy drive owners. A fairly easy but effective task we should all perform on these old drives. https://youtu.be/Se10T6gPl-c
  6. Hi folks, I have a problem with my Macintosh 128k. When I want to boot on a floppy (internal or external floppy drive), the floppy drive take the floppy, it spin up but nothing else. The Macintosh keep block on the happy mac icon or on the interrogation point. The internal 400K floppy drive is new. I can also move the mouse cursor on the screen. Does anyone have an idea of the problem (ram, rom...)? (I can perform any tests, the Macintosh is open.) Thanks, matacao.
  7. Hi, I am searching for games for the Macintosh 128K and/or 512K that has been released since year 2000. Especially homebrew games I am interested in. Does anyone of you know sources or titles? Thanks! µP
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