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Found 3 results

  1. I am the original owner of a 128k Mac from my first year at Drexel University in 1985. I am trying to restore it back to operating condition. When I powered it up I got the Chime and then the Sad Mac Icon with code 040820 was displayed with a good quality screen picture. So I replaced RAM chips G8 and F10. After that I powered it up and got the Chime and then the Sad Mac Icon with code 020040 was displayed, also with a good quality screen picture. So I replaced RAM chip F11. Now when I power it up I no longer get a chime, the screen comes on with basically a white/black static display, and I g
  2. So, I posted here about a year ago about a 128k Macintosh that I got off of craigslist. Since then I figured out that the ram was bad and replaced it. I've got to a point where the computer functions but the video has a major issue. I have been unable to find the issue so far, so here I am again! For further reference, I do have logic probes and an oscilloscope at hand if that helps fix the issue. (Before Ram Replace) (After Ram Fix)
  3. By posting this inflammatory thread I know the flames will rage high! So let it burn! Ha! Lets throw hats and chew the fat, discuss about experiences and techno-babble, and explain why it is to you. I surmise that the SE\30 will rank high, though it is not without its problems: Recapping and Cap Goo Trace Rot being the worst of them. But the SE does not have these problems though they have most of the same components. Then you have the Classic and Classic II. Though the Classic will rank well along with the SE as a 68K machine, the Classic II is another issue altogether. Then there
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