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Found 3 results

  1. I'm curious if anyone has or has seen a Quadra 605 PDS L2 cache module in real life. I'm not sure how common these things are. If anyone has one or has photos of one, I'm very interested in looking at the cache chips on the module to see what speed they are to determine if the module would function on a 33MHz bus. There's long been suggestion that this module *might* work on a LC 575 board, potentially making for an interesting CC Mystic upgrade: http://colourclassicfaq.com/mobo/mystic.shtml#Q2.1.10 Edit: also, I've read anecdotes about a LC PDS cache module as well as th
  2. Morning all. So recently dug out the Macs again and as always one gives issues. Another 476 is exhibiting the same exact symptoms as another LC 475 I have. They both start up give happy bong, then chimes of death. Both of them do the exact thing. Its always the 475's - 6's it seems like. Anyone else ever have issues like this with Mac's? I really don't know what to check. I have recapped the boards and they initially both worked for some time, stored them took them out and no go. They are not stored in boxes, they are stored in a spare closet in my house. Temperature controlled. These are
  3. Simple question. The LC 475 has 2 VRAM SIMM Sockets, so does it need both to be filled for its video to work or can it work with just one? All the other LCs only need one as they have one SIMM but the LC 475 has two.
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