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Found 18 results

  1. Good afternoon (for me), I decided to write this thread apart from the other one about this device because I don't want to divert the attention from the main thread. So to put you in situation, I have a Macintosh Plus with an Apple 20SC HD that originally came with a 20MB MiniScribe drive. I love the sound of that hard drive and I'm looking to get it back. The original drive has mechanical problems and stopped working many years ago, but I thought the logic board was working. This drives are surprisingly expensive nowadays, so I found this one on Ebay and thought t
  2. After I press the power button, the hard drive tries to startup twice, but it just makes a bad sound (see attached) and doesn't seem to start, ultimately ending up with the question-mark disk icon. Is there anything that can be done to try to get the drive to work? The data is not important, but it would be cool to get working again. The drive is a Quantum GoDrive Daytona IDE, so I figure it might just be this problem as described by techknight. Thanks! PowerBook 150.m4a
  3. I just wanted to let folks know what I came across today. https://www.anandintlinc.com/search?q=SCSI+&submit= Their contact info Email: andy@anandintlinc.com Phone: 310-541-9569
  4. Hi 68kLBA, I am new here. My name is Jeff Ramsey. I am a 38 year old IT professional, and I've been in the business around 20 years. When I was a kid in school, my first experiences with computers were with my grandmother's Commodore 64, and then I got my own Commodore 64. In grade school, we did not have Commodores, we had Apple II or Mac 512s. I envied those machines so much! They were way out of my price range, but man they were cool! Anyhow, now I have three kids and we love to play both current and retro games. At the same time, I wanted a project to do at home. Sort of a computer "ho
  5. Hi, I have an Apple Hard Drive 20SC. The original 5.25" drive stopped working. I decided to put in my SE's old MiniScribe drive since the mounting bracket is already drilled for that drive as well. Good news, the drive still works great after being stored for 8 months. Bad news, the rubber seal around the perimeter of the MiniScribe is getting incredibly soft and oily, like it is about to turn to sludge. Is there anything that can be done to prevent it from failing? Or if there is no saving the rubber, is it possible to replace the rubber parts on the MiniScribe? I know the qua
  6. Hey guys, So, I've been creeping on this forum for a while, looking for help for my first *brand new* Macintosh SE/30. When I bought it, everything was working fine, except no bong. I was so excited to start coding on this awesome old machine! (I'm into programming on vintage platforms, so this was a very exciting buy for me). Alas, when I got home, I turned it on and just got the blinking question mark. I read on your forum it might be the caps. As I live in a small town in South Africa, I decided to do it myself. Everything went fine, except for some pads that lifted, so I had to lay som
  7. Elfen

    CF As A HD

    This comment in the Q630 PATA thread and past threads on the forum made me think... Floofies, on 15 Jan 2016 - 2:34 PM, said: Thus I am creating this this. Many of us here have used Compact Flash (aka CF) and other forms of Solid State Drives (aka SSD) as storage media for our hard drive replacement needs with varying degree of success and satisfaction. So I am drawing on my personal experience (mostly) and what is stated on Wikipedia Compact Flash article (for fact pointing). Here are the basic facts: Compact Flash cards were first developed and made by SanDis
  8. Hello 68k Forum Members, Just got this cool Macintosh SE FDHD that has been in storage since 1994. Cool, right? Well I was having fun for a couple days while it worked, decided to order the special screw driver to take the panel off. Just got the panel off today, cleaned it up, and put it all back together. However, the horrible screen showed up: A Mac Cursor and a Floppy Disc with a "?". The poor hard drive from 1991 is finally dying, whether it's from me taking off the back panel or just age. When the unit powers on, I can still hear the hard drive start to spin up, but when it gets
  9. Hi, I'm having some problems with a Quadra 700. The Mac only (now) boots when the power to the HDD is disconnected, and goes straight into the flashing floppy screen. When the HDD power is connected, the Mac does not boot at all - just a clicking sound comes from the machine. The PSU fan tries to spin too. I assume this is some sort of problem with the power supply - possibly not being able to supply enough power? Weirdly the whole machine was working fine yesterday, although it hadn't been booted in a long while before that. Is there something I can do to fix this? Has anyone
  10. Hi; I'm in the process of saving some old macs; I've encountered a difficult issue: only a specific MiniScribe 20mb hard drive works on a se/30. If I try another drive that boots fine on a IIcx (a 8gb maxtor ide drive with an acard adapter), or any other drive, it does not work. SE/30 is recapped, I've checked the traces and tried replacing the scsi chip on the motherboard. Also tried booting from another disk ID. (also something weird on this mac: opening "Config PPP" program gives an error, either from a boot disk or any system version, can this be hardware related as the d
  11. I was working on my LC III (again) and tinkering with the two external hard drives I acquired some time ago. It turned out that one of them had a functional hard drive but the enclosure's power supply was not working, while the other had a perfectly OK enclosure but the hard drive itself has seized up. Between the two of them, I have put together a completely working external hard drive setup, which is great. The problem is that the working hard drive had a small set of pins which was ripped off accidentally during the physical transfer. The pins are attached to a cable in the old hard dri
  12. As a result of the feedback I got from the topic at https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/26059-lc-iii-external-hard-drive/I was able to obtain an external hard drive which connects to my LC III via the DB-25 port. The setup looks something like this: Mac <-> DB-25 to CN50 cable <-> CN50 pass-through terminator <-> External HD I originally received a Spin external HD, but the unit would not power on. When I connected it using the setup listed above, the Mac would play the chimes of death and not start up. I recently came into a ClubMac external HD, which I confi
  13. I acquired an LC III without a hard drive a couple of months ago and have gone through the laborious process of finding a working compatible hard disk drive. I started with an 80 MB Quantum ProDrive ELS 50-pin SCSI drive which worked the first day, but then failed on all subsequent boot attempts. I then ordered a 1GB drive but was accidentally shipped a 68-pin SCSI drive from HP instead. Even after trying a 50 to 68 pin adapter and a patched version of Apple HD SC Setup 7.3.2 (from the System 7.5 Disk Tools floppy), the machine never did recognize the drive as being attached to the SCSI port.
  14. I have a fully functional LC III but am thinking about getting some sort of external data storage in case the current HDD fails. From what I can tell, the case only has a DB-25 connector in the back which could be used toward this end. My question is, what would be the simplest set of components I would need to connect some form of data storage to the LC III in this way? I am guessing I would need a DB-25 to a 50-pin SCSI cable or something like that and then attach that to an internal HDD which I could then put in some sort of enclosure. Is there a better way of doing it than this? Alternativ
  15. Today I pulled out my 6500/250 along with my Q950 from storage, I thought it was a 9600. Shame on me. The logic board is covered in dust do I'll vacuum it later today. But it boots. PRAM Battery is dead so I need to find one of those pig-tailed square ones that is velcro'd to the logic board. But during the boot, it went through Disk Fix and gave an error "An internal error has occurred." But it eventually made it to desktop. I went through Disk Fix on the desktop, it gave 3 Logical Directory Block errors and tried to fix it. It couldn't, giving an error window "An Internal Error has occur
  16. I recently collected and assembled all the parts needed for an LC III, which I put together yesterday. This included the hard drive, a Quantum ProDrive ELS with 80 MB of space and a SCSI connector. Everything seemed to be working properly, and I was able to install System 7.5.3 on the machine last night without issue. However, when I booted up this morning, I got a flashing floppy disk icon with a question mark in it. I put in the Disk Tools floppy and neither Disk First Aid or the Apple HD SC Setup utilities recognize that the hard disk is present at all in the machine. I double-checked t
  17. I have a recapped classic 2 mobo with an 80mb hard-drive. I plugged in the hard drive, turned the mac on and booted from the system 7 disk utilities floppy. Once the reformatting was done, I restarted the mac and installed system 7 on it. This all worked well and I played Oregon trail on it for a while, but after I turned off the computer a couple of times, the drive stopped showing up. When I power up the mac, I get the missing OS floppy icon, and when I boot from the Disk Utilities I don't see the drive on the desktop, or with the actual application. The drive sounds the same as it did when
  18. Hi, I got a hd issue with my Mac SE/30. Previously, I had totally recapped it and I replaced UE8 chip to solve a weird screen issue. Suddenly I got the blinking floppy icon at the startup. In another thread, uniserver suggested hd breakage. My SE/30 has a 40mb quantum hd. I tried to create boot floppies following this site: http://www.classic-computers.org.nz/blog/2011-12-29-disk-from-images-mac.htm but my mac only makes only strange noises and splits the discs out (dirty floppy drive??) At the moment i can't boot the system. I know mac se/30 uses SCSI 50pins, a rare standard hard to f
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