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Found 6 results

  1. Hi there, I have two dead 1440k floppies of my Macintosh SE FDHD laying around: Floppy A I was trying to re-align the head stepper motor doing the "Larry Pina method" and I accidentally shorted the 5V rail to ground (there's a jumper right below that motor...). Consequently the Mac rebooted and that jumper got very hot and desoldered itself. I tried to fix all the traces and I verified them to be just fine (using the Bomarc-Schematics of this drive; see attached) – maybe Q3 is also dead? Now, the drive does work – kind of – but it does not read any disks nor does i
  2. Hi, I'm SirAzazel and i'm new to the 68kmla community. I've always had interest in retro computing and consoles, but in the last year I've grown interest in vintage Apple technology, and bought for very cheap and fully recapped the logic board of an eMac to fix constant freezes of the machine, got for free a Quicksilver, G5 2Ghz DP and a Cinema Display, cleaned them, and repaired the Quicksilver video card. When I was younger I was given this fully functional SE FDHD, and somewhere between 2016-2017 the Maxell battery exploded. I cleaned as best as I could the motherboard, but i di
  3. Hello, I recently bought a Macintosh SE FDHD that has trouble booting. When I power it on, it plays the startup chime, and shows the standard 1-bit gray screen, but it never displays a pointer, Happy Mac, Sad Mac, blinking ?, blinking X, or anything; just 1-bit gray. It will not boot from a floppy or external SCSI device. Pressing reset causes it to chime again and the gray screen persists. Pressing interrupt shows a Sad Mac with the code 0000000F 0000000D, which goes away on reset. I also tried resetting the PRAM to no effect. I just opened up the machine this week. Th
  4. Hello 68k Forum Members, Just got this cool Macintosh SE FDHD that has been in storage since 1994. Cool, right? Well I was having fun for a couple days while it worked, decided to order the special screw driver to take the panel off. Just got the panel off today, cleaned it up, and put it all back together. However, the horrible screen showed up: A Mac Cursor and a Floppy Disc with a "?". The poor hard drive from 1991 is finally dying, whether it's from me taking off the back panel or just age. When the unit powers on, I can still hear the hard drive start to spin up, but when it gets
  5. Hi I have been fixing a Quadra 630CD I recently acquired from eBay and was having some issues with it's 3.5" internal manual eject FDD. After a general clean up of the machine's innards including an air pressure clean of the FDD (without disassembling the FDD) I tried a few test formats with some 'new' floppies. It seems that the FDD couldn't generate 1.44mb (less a small amount for file system) sized formatted disks - as it seemed to be losing space (bad sectors?) during the verify pass after the format (some down to 1350kb, another 1422kb). More worryingly, it seemed to damage one of
  6. From the album: TimHDs pics

    Image of possible scratch on newly formatted 3.5" drive (manual eject model, 630CD).
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