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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I'm restoring a Powerbook 190 that boots with power supply. Of course, battery is dead so I decided to reconstruct it, but before to buy the 12 Ni-MH batteries I checked if the PB works with a power supply connected to the battery pins (1 and 5). Unfortunately the PB doesn't starts. Moreover, while the PB is on, I checked also voltage to the battery connector (in the PB) and I found Pin 5 - GND Pin 4 - 5V Pin 3 - GND Pin 2 - 4.34V Pin 1 - 1.6V I expected about +12V on pin 1-5 but not sure. - Anybody knows the expected voltages on such p
  2. WTF This is so sad! Any hope here? The good thing is that I found a working Sonnet coprocessor PSD card inside!
  3. Hi all, Over the Christmas I decided to upgrade my PB 540c. I have a 16MB card to replace the 8MB card and a SCSI2SD PowerBook card to replace the 320MB 2.5" SCSI drive. Neither of these need replacing (12MB is fine for System 7.1.1 and 320MB is more than big enough for the games being played on it. It's not even all that loud.). While following the iFixit guide, I think I broke the little clippy things that hold in the keyboard strips and I have broken the plastic doodah that holds down the RAM board. I should know better. This is 26 year-old plastic. I have 2x P
  4. I took this battery out of my Macintosh CC before it started leaking, and I'd like to find a replacement for it. I've searched local stores and they don't sell these, so I'm asking what's the best replacement for this kind of battery?
  5. I recently bought a Macintosh Quadra 700 off of eBay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Apple-Macintosh-Quadra-700-M5920-Desktop-Computer-w-Harddrive-Mac-iMac/273781054522?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649) and it has some corrosion on the logic board from a leaky battery. When I was cleaning the corrosion off, several components fell off of the board. The parts that came off were R71, C61, R76, R77, Y6, and C65. D5, D6, and U91 are still on the board, but their pins don't look too great. U92 has nearly all of its pins broken off and it is hanging on by two or t
  6. I have a working 190 that I salvaged from my high school several years when they were disposing of old hardware. When I got it the battery had already leaked slightly and it hasn't gotten any worse over time since I pulled the battery out and store it separately, but now I'm on a restoration kick after doing some work on my Kanga and I want to bring my 190 back up to factory condition. The condition of both the battery and the bay is in the attached images. The machine works properly on AC power with no issues and for obvious reasons the battery is never inserted. Given the current condition,
  7. Hello all, It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here, and it’s good to be back! I had a quick question for you Portable people out there: I just recently recapped a clean-looking backlit model, and it seems to be working fine off of my bench supply running at 6.8v. The problem is, lowering the voltage to 6.7, 6.6, or 6.5v makes booting either hit-or-miss or impossible. Also, I bought a new 6V 5Ah SLA battery (not the cyclon pack) to power the system. Even after being charged up to its max of 6.6V, while connected to the original charger, the machine refuses to boot
  8. My friend calls me and tells me that her iMac died. I gave her this years ago. Now I know why. It chimes, black screen. Now the fun begins. Maybe someone here has a logic board they can part with? The stuff is a little smelly.
  9. Since this is absolutely the place to contemplate this question, I've been thinking about how to make my Wallstreet mobile again. I had a thought: What if you took the innards out of an existing dead battery pack and installed a cheap USB power bank in the case and used it in the slot? Could you run the machine with just the power leads connected, or would it complain if it didn't see anything connected to the charging pins? Would the machine be able to tell the level of charge just from the power output? Basically, does anyone have a schematic for the charging system I can review befo
  10. I bought a PowerBook G3 WallStreet model a while back that appears to be the first revision 233mhz with the lame zero L2 cache. It came with 2 floppy modules installed and no battery or optical drive. I got a new in box CD module for next to nothing but I have been unable to find a battery. Does anyone know of any replacements, aftermarket, etc? I can live without it but it would be nice to have. The PRAM battery is dead and unlike my TiBook G4 that is 2 years newer it won't charge the PRAM battery even after being plugged in for a week now. Oh well, not critical I guess. I can prob
  11. Hi folks Do any of you have any idea where I can source a replacement pram battery for a 300MHz Wallstreet (PDQ) laptop? or know the spec of the battery so I can make a replacement? Also, do any of you have any tips on opening the main battery, for rebuild? Before I start trying to hack it open, I'm hoping someone has been there before! I've decided to revive my oldest still in one piece laptop, my old PC laptop went pop, so had to get binned. This got me through university, so has a lot of memories. The main battery does take a charge, but only barely. the PRAM battery is shot as fa
  12. Hi 68kLBA, I am new here. My name is Jeff Ramsey. I am a 38 year old IT professional, and I've been in the business around 20 years. When I was a kid in school, my first experiences with computers were with my grandmother's Commodore 64, and then I got my own Commodore 64. In grade school, we did not have Commodores, we had Apple II or Mac 512s. I envied those machines so much! They were way out of my price range, but man they were cool! Anyhow, now I have three kids and we love to play both current and retro games. At the same time, I wanted a project to do at home. Sort of a computer "ho
  13. Hello Recently I got a macintosh classic that have the checkerboard screen issue. When I opened the machine, I saw a huge corrosion mark under the analog board. I thought it would be some leaking capacitors like many macintosh of this model have, I was ready to recap boards. But it's not. Actually no capacitors have leaked, it's the PRAM battery that opened up completely (litteraly). The analog board seems to be fine but the mainboard has been corroded so much that the battery holder has desoldered. I've tried to clean up some of the corrosion with isopropyl alcohol but there's still a
  14. I rebuilt this powerbook 1400c battery and it was working beautifully until suddenly it wasn't. I tested everything and narrowed it down to this mysterious component no longer conducting electricity... any ideas what this is, can I find a replacement? Can I just cut this out and patch with wire? What would have caused it to fail after working for a few weeks?
  15. So I recently acquired a Mac Portable. As soon as it arrived I took it apart, re-capped the motherboard and hooked it up to a replacement battery. Everything was going well, actually no issue at all last night. I was able to mount some Appletalk volumes and play some games, it seemed pretty stable. This morning I decided to break open the original apple battery and toss my new cell in there. While testing this configuration, I accidentally hooked up the battery with reversed polarity... I know, this was dumb. Now I'm having issues again. Here are the symptoms: 1. Will not power on at all wi
  16. I'm an experience programmer on modern hardware, and I thought I would try my hand at creating some classic mac os software. I purchased volumes 1-6 of Inside Macintosh on Amazon and I've been familiarizing myself with the basic ideas. Heres my current goal. I've got a few macs that will run without a clock battery, and I would like to leave them without a battery. I store my macs for long periods of time and I dont want to install a battery just to take it back out again when I put the mac away. SOOO, I want to create an extension that sets the time if the current time is before 2016.
  17. So, I just popped open that SE that I was given, fearing the worst... but, NO! No acid spilled across the Logic Board: ... and that battery has a date code of 6/88!
  18. No relation to seller - this is the best price I've seen in quite a while on new batteries from Apple service parts for the main G3 batteries. And they even offer a 30-day warranty. For anyone after a battery for a Pismo or Lombard, this would definitely be cheaper than re-celling. They appear to have multiples... http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Genuine-Apple-PowerBook-G3-Rechargeable-Battery-M7318-661-2295-/400963410856?hash=item5d5b481ba8:g:EekAAOSwpDdVCgIK
  19. I need a bit of help to fix a powerbook 500 series battery. Battery recondition doesn't work. The computer used to sense the battery, but now it is not usable. However, the battery still gives off some power. I'm thinking of recelling the battery in the future. Anyone got suggestions? (because i'm not paying 200$ for a new battery.)
  20. Lets see how much churn I can create here? According to this article, your laptop better cab be used as a hacking device against you and your Apple Laptop. Though this applies to newer more advanced laptop batteries with a smart chip in them, this hack can in theory work for both older Apple and PC Laptops. It all depends on the complexity and sophistication of the smart chip in the battery. Mind you, this article was written in 2011. Not much was done to improve the situation as it stans. But they have to get into your machine somehow first to do this... Then they own you. http
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