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Found 9 results

  1. Rather than posting randomly in the "what did you do to your mac today" thread, I thought I'd make a separate thread for this project in here. Hope it's in the right place and people find it interesting and want to throw ideas at me. The plan/project is to write a userland AppleTalk stack aimed at UNIX-like OSes that prioritises talking to vintage macs, especially from the 68k era. Netatalk no longer bothers with DDP, and AppleTalk in-kernel support in operating systems will, at some point, go away, probably rather sooner than later. It is being written in Go, partly because it'
  2. Hi folks, I have an SE and an SE/30 and I want to use peer-to-peer AppleTalk (printer port to printer port) for file sharing.... should be simple and I think I did everything I'm supposed to do, but no luck yet. The SE/30 has system 7.1 (and/or 6.0.8) and the SE has 6.0.8. I have file-sharing turned on and Guest user access etc. But when the SE Chooser comes up and I select, AppleTalk, there are no File Servers listed to choose from. Not sure how to troublehshoot further (other than replace the cable?) Also wondering if there is a step-by-step guide for simple file sharing....
  3. I've had several PhoneNet adapters in my collection for many years but never used them since my SE/30 has an Ethernet card. But today I was thinking about multiplayer games like MazeWars which might be fun for myself and my two kids. I have a Mac 512k (64k ROMs) and a PhoneNet adapter for it (including terminating resistor), and I also have two Farallon PhoneNet adapters with round connectors for use with more modern Compact Macs like the SE/30 shown here: I am running System 6.0.8 and System 7.1 and 7.5.5 on my two SE/30's, and I have pre-System6 operating systems o
  4. Greetings. I'm just starting to learn about classic macs, so bear with me. I have a Mac SE with SuperDrive, a PowerBook G3 Lombard with USB, and a modern MacMini. I'd like to download files from the internet on my MacMini (running High Sierra) to my Mac SE. I get that my Mini can't write in the HFS format. What if I use my G3 as a bridge? Could I transfer images from my Mini to my G3 (Mac OS 9.0), to my SE (System 6.08) via AppleTalk? Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. Good Evening all, I stumbled upon This Page that talked about being able to connect to the 68KMLA AppleTalk Network, I've installed the extension and whatnot but it seems as though the credentials location might have changed. According to the article these are assigned to users of the site and are located in the profile page, I see on the forums that the forum software was recently updated so I'm wondering if that functionality still exists or not....is anyone else able to connect?
  6. I recently picked up a PB Wallstreet II (System 9.2.2) to use as a bridge computer with my SE/30, SE, and Classic II (all System 7.0.1). When I hook up the PB to my AppleTalk network, the PB can see and mount the compact macs with no problems. I can move files back and forth from the PB, access programs on the compact macs, etc. However, when I try to connect from one of the compact macs to the PB, while they can see the PB on the network as soon as I try to mount the PB the compact macs get a divide by zero error and reboot. Is there any way to get the compact macs to connect to the PB, or is
  7. I have a Yikes! G4 that has two hard drives installed, one has OS 9.2 and the other has OS 8.6. I am using built in ethernet to access a small LAN via Appleshare in the Chooser. When I use the drive with OS 9.2 installed as the startup drive, I have no problems seeing all of the other classic OS computers on the network, and I can access their data. When I start up in OS 8.6, I can only see 1 other computer (which is running OS 9.2) and I can't access it. Trying to sign in brings up a status bar which spins for a while, and then tells me that "No response from server. Please try again." I
  8. As a solution to not being able to use my floppyemu in HD20 mode to transfer large files and whatnot from my modern PC to my SE/30, I picked up a bunch of PhoneNet AppleTalk adaptors and networked my SE/30, SE, and Classic II together. I connected the floppyemu to the SE, and it works great! Now I'm wondering, what else can I use my new network for besides moving files around? Any networked games worth checking out? Anything else?
  9. Check out my latest video. I successfully got an Apple Watch and a Mac 512Ke to share files!
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