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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I am about to start in on several vintage Mac projects and one of those is my IIsi. I had it using a generic 15" LCD display with a VGA adapter. This setup worked fine on both native video as well as video card I could run out of the PDS slot (I think it is a Video Spigot). In my collection exists a 15" Apple Cinema Display that uses the proprietary ADC connection. On eBay are several Apple DVI to ADC adapters...I'd need one of those to start. That would get power to the monitor and the video signal to DVI. I then need to get that signal to the IIsi. There are DVI to V
  2. G'day, After many years admiring, I finally bought a PowerMac G4 Cube a few years ago off eBay. Not a perfect specimen, but came with a 1.5Ghz Sonnet upgrade card, maxed RAM, decent hard drive... Unfortunately one thing I didn't realise at the time, was that it is missing the black 2pin cable that supplies power from the logicboard to the video card riser (shown in pic), to power the ADC port. As such, the Cube wont work with an Apple Studio Display. I've searched the net high and low, but can't find anyone selling the cable - whilst some sell
  3. Hi all, The answer to this question (as seems to be the answer to all MDD questions) is that the PSU is on the way out. However, just in case it isn't, I'm posting to see if anyone else has had this problem and has found a solution. I bought an MDD late last year with a beautiful Apple Cinema Display HD (in box too!). I bought it from the original purchaser and he had taken good care of it. I assembled it all and it works. Yesterday evening I finally got around to plugging it into my HP LP2065 (1600x1200 LCD) and it wouldn't start. Bleh. I changed the PRAM battery. Nothing. I brou
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