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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I'm looking for help please with my Quadra 840AV that I've owned since approx 1996. I used this superb computer for my audio editing business, after upgrading from a IICi, for several years until I eventually acquired a 7100. I removed the Digidesign audio cards and used it as an office machine after that before eventually moving it to the loft for storage. A couple of years ago I got it out to see what condition it was in then. I set it up and powered it on to find that there was no chime but it did power on and the drives spun. There was no video output. So I took it apart
  2. MinerAl

    Q840AV B

    From the album: MinerAl machines.

    Quadra 840 AV. HDD wouldn't boot, but mouse comes on screen and eventually the flashing

    © MinerAl

  3. MinerAl

    Q840AV A

    From the album: MinerAl machines.

    Quadra 840 AV with 500MB HDD, 8MB RAM System 7.5 Dirty case

    © MinerAl

  4. I recently acquired a working, but neglected Quadra 840AV. It came with 3 hard drives installed, an original CD-ROM drive, and with a 64 MB of RAM. It clearly needed a total recap of a motherboard and a good cleanup, which I did. Then I tested the machine, and I found out that a CD-ROM drive wasn't detected, even that it was connected properly. I figured out that it must be the drive that failed. Then I cracked open the Sony CDU561-25 drive, and to my surprise, I found capacitors that have leaked and corroded the PCB. The damage was quite bad, but fixable. There was a group that leaked, a
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