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Found 6 results

  1. Asking because there is a Q900 floppy bezel on the same site (Milagro Computer) but it looks more like a Q800/840A floppy... there's no mistaking the 900/950 floppy bezel (nice right angles) The CD bezel, not so sure. It doesn't look the same as the other different ones I've seen (some with round eject buttons, others with the standard rectangular button) but could it still fit? Quadra 900/950 CD Bezel 815-2738 Would love the flexibility of swapping out bottom drives from time to time (I have a "framing" bezel that was meant to hold in full-height drives but
  2. Hey all, I've nearly maxed out the RAM (64 MB or $40 at a time) on the Q950 I acquired a few months ago and had a spare key made just in case I broke the only one off in the lock. I added a SCSI2SD with A/UX 3.1.1, 7.6, 8.1, Apps and Backup partitions. I've added a SuperMac Spectrum/24 Nubus card (with the DSP daughtercard but also a v1.0 ROM I believe) and the Apple SONIC Ethernet Nubus card (AAUI) with the dedicated 68000 to improve file server performance. I have an AppleCD 300e external SCSI (1x) that lines up beautifully with the front bezels. I
  3. Hey all, I've recently started setting up a Quadra 950 with SCSI2SD. I have encountered an issue where connecting a CD-ROM drive causes the machine to SadMac on boot, sometimes showing a movable mouse cursor for a second beforehand. This occurs regardless if the CD drive is connected internally or externally. I also tried the device shuffle and found it only SadMacs when a CD-ROM drive is connected, regardless of what else is connected to the machine. The error code is 0000000F 00000001. I tried 2 CD-ROM drives (An AppleCD 300 Plus, and an AppleCD 600i) so I know it's most likely somethin
  4. MinerAl

    Q950 B

    From the album: MinerAl machines.

    Quadra 950 with a 1GB drive and OS 7.6(?), 8MB RAM

    © MinerAl

  5. MinerAl

    Q950 A

    From the album: MinerAl machines.

    Quadra 950 with a 9GB noisy server SCSI drive in it. The five partitions are named Michael, Marlon, Tito, Jackie, and Jermaine. System 7.5.x, 16MB RAM

    © MinerAl

  6. Along with my PM6500, I pulled out my Q950 out of storage. I lucked out, the battery did not explode. But first thing I noticed was that the logic board was not in place properly. In looking about, there were more broken plastic pieces in the case. Removing the board, and cleaning it up of the broken pieces, I got the logic board to fit in place properly. It is obvious that somebody was as its side door was open, and for a while something moved inside. That has to be cleaned up. I'll be using an alcohol/soap mixture and a scrub brush to clean out the inside of the case in the bathtub.
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