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Found 18 results

  1. For the same brightness (white point when the screen is all white) and the same dither pattern (let's say 50% gray), my Macintosh SE CRT produces darker intensity than my other compact Macs (an SE/30 and a Plus). I use my Macs for graphic art, and I have trouble making dithered grays look consistent across the computers. I could almost describe this issue as a difference in the dot pitch of the pixels, i.e. the distance between the edges of a discretely lit pixel. Is there some component on the analog board or CRT assembly I could replace to adjust this? Since I use the SE as a dai
  2. My iMac G3 had arrived today and when I unpacked it, I've noticed some beige plastic around the VGA and RAM lids, I took it out. Then I noticed that the bottom left CRT holder is cracked and there's a screw visible, I opened the iMac and while I was opening it more and more beige plastic pieces started to fall out of the iMac. The bottom plastic case was a bit stuck, but at the end, the beige plastic had snapped and released the right part of the white bottom case. Also, the CRT doesn't fit perfectly with the front panel, there is a small space between the monitor glass and the plastic case.
  3. I recently brought my Lisa 2/5 back out of the cupboard to have a tinker during lockdown. Unfortunately after a few minutes the contrast goes very dark and the image starts to shrink on the right hand side. I haven't dared to leave it on long enough for something to go bang... The BU406 is quite hot, but probably within normal limits. Any ideas would be much appreciated I've attached the video board schematic for reference.
  4. My Macintosh Plus has many hardware issues, but I would like to address this one today. This checkerboard appeared one day and alongside that, the sound stopped working. I already replaced electrolytic capacitors on both logic board and analogue board. I recently upgraded my Macintosh from 2.5Mb of RAM to 4Mb of RAM and the checkerboard changed. I would appreciate some help with this problem because I tried many solutions and none have worked. Before 4Mb upgrade: After 4Mb upgrade:
  5. Hi everyone, I have Macintosh Plus, the screen disappears after some time and I usually just slap the side but now it doesn't work the screen Is completely blank (yes I turned the brightness to maximum amount alas nothing changes). Does somebody know how to fix it or what causes it?
  6. Recently my friend has bought himself a Macintosh classic. It’s in amazing condition the only problem is that he decided to replace the capacitors on the digital board himself. Whilst doing this he ruined a few traces and did a terrible job of soldering. After he had done this and run into some issues he gave it to me as he no longer wanted to keep it. I would say this computer looks “out of the box” new but for the issue that the screen wasn’t working. I took it apart and fixed most of the issues that I found apparent and tried again and as luck would have it, it now chimes and displays a scr
  7. Hello all - For the past few days I've been wrestling with this Macintosh Plus that has some serious analog board issues. When turned on, the system does not chime - it is completely silent. It appears to be dead, however, if the brightness is cranked up nearly to the max, a very distorted picture can be seen. It appears to be a partial vertical collapse, but on the top of the screen rather than in the middle. I've never seen a Mac exhibit this symptom before and am stumped as to where it is originating from. The small bit of vertical picture left also occasionally changes, as can
  8. Greetings, I'm new to all this but I just found a Macintosh Plus 1Mb in the dumpster at work. Took it home, blew the dust out, looked at the capacitors and none of them were bulging or busted. That was fine, everything looked almost perfect aside from the usual yellowing etc. So then I thought I'd see if it would power up. It only took a second but the screen never lit up (despite making that high pitched squealing that CRT's usually make); in that same instant the Flyback transformer ruptured (pictured) and let out a puff of smoke. I safely discharged the tube and put it away
  9. Hey, all. I have four SE/30s out of a large stash that have been in storage (long story) for years. I started going through them this week and I think all four logic boards are generally in working order after a thorough cleaning (apart from obviously needing recapped). But what seems to be new is that all four of them have terribly dim screens. I tried playing with the brightness pot on the analog board on one of them and although it did raise the brightness, it also became blurry and introduced diagonal lines unless I turn the front brightness knob back down to about half to 1/3 as bright as
  10. Hi all, I received a dead SE/30 that I’m trying to bring back to live. When I first switched it on it started without a chime and on screen was just a vertical line. To fix the audio I did a manual cleaning and re-cap of the logic board. For the vertical line I read that it’s probably C15, however after changing that out I ran a smoke test and I heard a loud-ish squealing sound and I switched off the power supply. To test the logic board I figured I’d try a known good AB/power supply and it booted into the flashing question mark (yay), but after 10 or so sec
  11. Hello people! I recently acquired a Mac Plus while doing a clean out of my grandfather's old factory. The keyboard and mouse were FUBAR, as they had been left under an old can of paint which leaked all over them. He said that there was also a hard drive somewhere, but we couldn't find it. I scrubbed as much old paint of this Mac as I could, and besides from a rather even coat of yellowing, it seems to be in pretty good nick. I took it home and plugged it in, and it made the start up bong and the floppy drive made noises, but the screen never fired up. I cracked open the case and be
  12. Dear members This is a PDF that I obtained from the archive.org. If you are considering taking apart your compact mac please take special care of CRT safety, this is a very good, short PDF on the topic that I hope you can all enjoy while working on your mac safely. Originally from, AppleCare Service Source http://service.info.apple.com/safety/safety.html#ESD Safety.pdf Topics covered: ESD Damage Prevention Follow these guidelines to reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage to equipment. ESD Prevention Rules Setting Up an ESD-Safe Workstation CRT and
  13. Hello before I die! After watching techknight’s video regarding CRT Swaps, I was intrigued how easy it looks. After much consideration I’m thinking of performing something similar with an SE/30. However, one thing the video won’t explain is how exactly the knobs work (see attached image). 1. First of all, are they safe to touch with your bare hand? 2. There are eight knobs, but which knob affects exactly what part of the screen geometry? 3. Once moved/rotated are they stable, or do they need glue of som sort to stay fixed? 4. Two of them (2 and 3 in the attached image) seem hard to
  14. Hello I thought I would come here to ask as most of you are surely more learned than I am. I have taken apart a Color Classic and would like to do a complete cleanup. I have properly discharged the CRT and the machine is in pieces right now. For now, I would I have some basic questions. Should I recap the analog board? Never done it but I have soldered in the past. Is it safe to clean the CRT and potentially the analog board. I have a can of air but potentially I was thinking of using Isopropyl Alcohol and a q-tip. Maybe the folks on this forum can understand how partic
  15. I've bought a Macintosh Classic computer recently, it was in a very nice condition with original keyboard and mouse, but with an issue of a chessboard-like pattern displayed on the screen all the time. At first I thought that it might be caused by capacitors leak on the logic board, but after I've cleaned the logic board in a dishwasher and than with pure alcohol, nothing happened — the pattern on display was the same. So I decided that caps are dead and need to be replaced. I've replaced all the capacitors on the logic board, but again with no result. After that I've found the information abo
  16. Hi folks... I saw this interesting mod to a 1984 Mac. The CRT was swapped out for a LCD. The Mac now supports USB and some other cool features. It is running Snow Leopard. What I like best about it, is that it is a non destructive mod. If you like, you can put the original hardware back in the case and return it to normal: http://www.instructables.com/id/Upgrade-your-original-1984-Macintosh-to-run-OS-X-S/?ALLSTEPS Probably everyone but me knows about this already. This mode was done in 2010. Rather then The cube, I have been looking at the Mac mini. The mini is so small that I b
  17. From the album: Cory's Stuff

    In the Olden Days™ I definitely used to do photo processing on one computer while I continued to faff about on the Internet with another computer. This is my PowerBook G4 (the one whose serial number I will never forget) connected to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse processing contact sheets (which I printed and that was how I browsed my photo library) while I use the #68kMLA IRC channel on system 7.1 on my Quadra 840av. I had juust gotten broadband Internet, and the notion of having multiple computers online at once, all the time, was still very foreign to me. Just as an example of how diff
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