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Found 4 results

  1. Folks.... I have a Mystic Color Classic. I am running a LC 575 logic board with a full 68040 processor. I can boot to 7.6.1 or 8.1. I have not been able to find a CD burner that will work with my set up. I have bought two so far, and both do not work. I have posted in the past about this and many people have suggested drivers, universal drives and the like. But none seem to work. I am starting to think that no CD burners were made that would work under 7.6.1 or 8.1 But if you have one working could you please post the full name and model number and which dri
  2. Hi folks... I have a Color Classic Mystic. I am using a LC 575 with a full 68040 processor. I am running a CF2SCSI card for a hard drive. I can dual boot to 7.6.1 or to 8.1. I can surf the net when my CC is plugged into ethernet. Elsewhere on this form is a thread called something like "web sites your classic mac can still surf". The new home for my CC is in a room about 15 feet from my WIFi router. The job to run ethernet in this room would be massive. I was thinking about plugging a unit into the back of my ethernet port and converting the CC to WiFi. I
  3. Hi everyone - I recently was fortunate enough to come across an LC575 board (Mystic) for my Color Classic which the original board had become extremely corroded. I was given the Color Classic a few years ago from someone who did not remove the battery and it caused a pretty large mess. I was able to clean out the system and this morning put the LC575 board in. It appears that the current drive has System 7.1 installed and needs to be updated, as I am getting the following message on startup: This startup disk will not work on this Macintosh model. Use the latest installer to u
  4. Hi folks... I am not so interested in changing the screen resolution of my color classic to 640 X 480. But I am bumping up against limitations of using a 68030 processor. My browser runs so slow. I feel the need for more speed.... I looked at the Mystic video upgrade. I do have a board from a LC 575. If I understand the Mystic upgrade correctly I can do one of two things - 1) Do the ResEdit hack... or 2) Do this hardware hack: " Remove R116 (zero ohms, located on the bottom of the 575 logic board to the left of RP9) and solder a 4.7K ohm resistor at R109 (near R116). If yo
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