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Found 4 results

  1. Hi... I am looking for some software that might give me the temperature of my CPU, the logic board, hard drive, or anything close to that. I am running 7.6 and 8.1 in my Color Classic . I have been unable to find anything. Suggestions welcome. Thanks mraroid
  2. Hi... I installed a LC 575 logic board in my Color Classic. I pulled the stock CPU and installed a full 68040 processor. It is running at 33Mhz. I have bought a new crystal and socket and plan to overclock it to 40Mhz. I bought a heat sync and fan. It has 4 black tabs that correctly grab the 68040 processor and it holds itself to the CPU. That and some thermal grease should be all I need. The bottom of the heat sync has two small lips that I need to grind off, but after that, it seems to be a perfect fit. Here is my problem. I am not sure where to grab power for the fan. I have a
  3. So, I finally got System 8.5.1 installed on my LC575. For the life of me, I can't get networking to work. DHCP is not pulling an address. I'm using the Farrallon NuBus Ethernet card. http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/111792358051?lpid=82&chn=ps&ul_noapp=true The drivers seem fine. It passes tests. I'm seeing lights on the 10/100/1000 switch and on the card. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. I have acquired an LC575 with a couple of problems that I know about at time of purchase but has since developed some more. One was fuzzy graphics at thousands of colours - VRAM I think, does anyone know of a source of 512k VRAM simms? Next one eclipses first one - Screen stays black and eventually gives a faint red horizontal line at top of screen. I have discharged the CRT and inspected the analogue board as I think that is where the problem lies, but I can't see anything obviously wrong and don't know where to go from here. Anyone know what component is faulty or has come across thi
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