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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, got my performa up and running a few problems though, the floppy doesn’t seem to line up well with the hole on the front, is it easy to re seat it? and secondly the CD-ROM kind of tried to do something but didn’t actually spin up, i’ve not taken it apart yet but thought it maybe a drive belt issue, anyone else had similar issue? Luckily i have an external scsi CD-ROM for my se/30 so did a fresh os8 install via that but would like to get it working in the performa if i can. any assistance would be greatful neal
  2. Hello guys Maybe someone had similiar problem and know the solution. I have a small external SCSI CD-ROM Drive Panasonic / Matshita KXL-810AN. It can be attached on PCMCIA SCSI-II Card or straight to Macintosh SCSI-Port with an 25pol to 50pol SCSI Cable / Adapter. I try to get it running on my PowerBook 2400c under MacOS 9.2.2 I didn't get any CDs mounted, because there is no driver. I have Pioneer CD-ROM Driver installed, it works with the Pioneer drives only, and not with Panasonic drive. I also modified the standard Apple CD/D
  3. So I bought an AppleCD 600e drive recently for use with my Powerbook 5300c. Unfortunately, that laptop is having power issues and I don't have the soldering skills to fix it, so for now it is out of commission. This leaves me with a CD-ROM drive that I can't use...or can I? My SE has 4 MB of RAM and runs system 7.0 just fine. If I upgrade to 7.1 I should be able to use the CD drive, right? Are there any programs that came on CD, or that I could put on CD, that will run on an SE with 4 MB of RAM and System 7.1?
  4. Now I have my Centris 650 up and running in a totally gorgeous way, I've now hit a new problem that I didn't anticipate. I've spent an hour or so going round in circles courtesy of Google without much joy, hence I am posting again! The short question is "Is it possible to burn CD-R's using OSX (either 10.5.8 on my G4 or 10.11.3 on my i7) that can be read by my CD drive in my Centris?" If someone can give a positive answer, the inevitable follow up is "HOW?" Any advice gratefully received, as I would like to get to the bottom of this one, as I hoped I could use the CD drive in the C
  5. I recently acquired a working, but neglected Quadra 840AV. It came with 3 hard drives installed, an original CD-ROM drive, and with a 64 MB of RAM. It clearly needed a total recap of a motherboard and a good cleanup, which I did. Then I tested the machine, and I found out that a CD-ROM drive wasn't detected, even that it was connected properly. I figured out that it must be the drive that failed. Then I cracked open the Sony CDU561-25 drive, and to my surprise, I found capacitors that have leaked and corroded the PCB. The damage was quite bad, but fixable. There was a group that leaked, a
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