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  1. The LC 5xx line is indestructable! I have a clean LC 580 with 52 MB (max) ram, 3 GB HD, System 7.5.5 and it runs any 68k app with ease. Never had any issues with it.
  2. IIfx, IIci, both great machines! And as for that 575, try cleaning the mobo contacts and it should fire right up.
  3. This is so true. If only we could go back to the old days -- the early '90s, at least when computing was so...unadulterated.
  4. Right, and the latch feel is also drastically different. The 13.3 is a bit rubbery and stiff to unlatch and the 14.1 is very light in comparison.
  5. Yeah, I've read about how the cable on the 13.3 makes an awkward angle that makes it susceptible to failure. It hasn't even flickered yet, so its solid for now, at least.
  6. I would swap the screens, but the 14.1's case is a bit rough on the top with a torn-up screw cover on the face... besides, its the same XGA resolution as my 13.3 so no big loss there. If my 13.3 ever kicks the bucket, I'll have a working-but-rough 14.1 to take its place. The processor swap showed a nice boost in MacBench; CPU performance increased from 876 to 1012 (or something along those lines) and graphics improved by 30 or so. I went ahead and left him positive feedback, since the stuff does work, but I docked him a star on the "accuracy" of the ad.
  7. I swapped the processors, and I now have a nice "new" 13.3/292! I guess I'll just keep the 14.1 machine for parts down the road.
  8. I'm a bit dissappointed. First of all, the hinges are loose (the seller said they were tight). The display case is scratched on the top, revealing the blinding aluminum beneath, and a screw cover is a bit mutilated on the front. The display case has the squared-off corners, not round like my 250. They keyboard and trackpad show a deal of wear, too. My current 13.3/250 is in almost like-new condition compared to this machine; it doesn't even have a worn trackpad. I plugged it in and the fan revved up; I guess it works OK. I think all I'll do is swap out the processor. How is th
  9. They had a few at a school auction a while back. ...and a bunch of Pluses, SE/30's, SEs, 512ks, someone offered them to me for FREE but I was about 11 and my mom wouldn't hear of it.
  10. I had one of my dad's friends weld a T-15 bit onto an old long-handle screwdriver. Works great!
  11. First things first: At "Project Graduation" last night, I won the raffle for a Canon PowerShot SD1000 with a 2GB SD card! Free! Today, I stopped by the ol' middle school to see some teachers on their last day. The tech specialist unloaded a whole box of Mac goodies on me, AfterDark, Myst, Descent I and II, Spin Doctor, you name it! Also, she gave me an OS 7.6.1 CD. I promptly downgraded my 5500 from 8.1 to 7.6.1, solving many of the issues I was having with it. What a great day! My Wallstreet should arrive soon as well.
  12. Well...he claims it's a Rev. 1 AND a Rev. 2 (?) Since it's a 292, I suppose it's really a Rev. 1 I actually prefer the Rev. 1's; they have a faster bus speed
  13. Alright, here's what I'm gonna do. 1) Connect the power supply to the new, non-working 14.1/292. 2) Remove the 32 MB RAM card from my current, working 13.3/250. 3) Install this RAM card in the new PB and power it on. If it boots, in goes the 128 MB RAM card, hard drive, battery, and CD-ROM. If it doesn't boot, out comes the 32 MB RAM card, processor, and display to be installed in my working 13.3/250. Good?
  14. Mine's a 250 Mhz. The 233 can't be upgraded with a 292 (66 vs 83 Mhz bus). I'll try putting the RAM in it and see what happens. Anyways, it will be nice to say that my laptop was the fastest in the world when it came out!
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