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  1. I don't have much to add except this is looking really quite impressive and I love how you salvaged the failed print. Looking forward to your next update!
  2. If you can get pictures all around the badge by itself (maybe scan the edge on a flat bed scanner, if possible, to capture the outside curvature), I could give it a shot. We'd need to measure all the bits with with a caliper as well, but it doesn't look overly complicated.
  3. Not a problem at all! I had the bezel pretty much modeled anyway, so adding the floppy features wasn't too much work. I'm just glad Glad it fits - thanks for being the guinea pig!
  4. @Zippy Zapp that is awesome! I'm so glad it works. Would it be possible to post a picture of it? I'd love to see how it turned out.
  5. Posted this the other day in the thread specifically asking for one, but it should probably go here too. The quadra 800/840av PM8100/8500/9500 floppy bezel: There is one caveat: I haven't actually printed it and tried it on a real life computer, because all my floppy bezels are still intact and I am worried/pretty sure i'd end up breaking it if I tried to take it off. So for now, printer beware. I have no reason to believe it wont work just fine, but you never know. If anyone wants to be the guinea pig, please let me know how it goes! 815-1521 floppy bezel.stl
  6. Turned out to not be a whole lot of work, so here's a Quarda 800/840av Powermac 8100/8500/9500 etc floppy bezel! I haven't actually tried it on any of my machines (all my floppy bezels are intact), so I can't guarantee that it will actually line up with the floppy drive 100%. As far as I can tell with my measurements it should be (at the very least) close enough, but just be aware that you might be wasting time/plastic/money if I made a mistake somewhere. But anyway, good luck and hopefully this helps! 815-1521 floppy bezel.stl
  7. The only problem as far as I know is the RF shielding is permanently (well removing it would be more or less permanent) attached to the inside of the panel, so doing a full body retrobrite immersion is out of the question unless you want to take that off. I suppose the paste style retrobrite is always an option, but I haven't tried it, mostly because i'm worried i'd do it wrong and leave blotches. There's also the general brittleness of pretty much all the plastic in these things, so taking it apart to that point might be risking breaking something important on accident.
  8. I haven't tried to paint any metal parts with it, but using that aforementioned spraypaint on my 3d printed parts resulted in a pretty close match to the paint on the metal case of my 9500. It wasn't exactly the same (maybe just a hair too light), so it might be fine for little tiny touchups, but I'd test it on something you don't care about before laying on a ton of it. annoyingly it doesn't match the original plastic at all, but that's just how it is. If i get some time i'll try to make a bezel for the floppy drive. My biggest hurdle is all my floppy bezels are intact and I'
  9. @jonpurdyThat is awesome! I'd love to see what it looks like printed in resin. If you go down that route, please post pics!
  10. @360alaska that's looking great! I'd love to see what it looks like installed. I tried my hand painting the 9500 jaz drive bezel I cooked up a while ago, but I wasn't able to find exactly the same "smokey beige" Rustoleum, and sadly, it wasn't the right color. I was only able to source the "painters touch" variety, rather than the "american accents" you recommended.. for whatever reason, the painters touch version has a slight (but definitely visible) pinkish hue to it. Just in case anyone out there is trying going down this path, make sure you get the right one. I was able t
  11. Nice!! Looks like a perfect fit - great work on the design!
  12. @360alaska I don't think pb3623 was implying that you stole the model, just that it was of the same part and not the bespoke (and much rarer) caddy-loader bezel.
  13. Awesome, thank you! Definitely gonna give that a try when I get the chance.
  14. Can you post what that paint matches that color? I've been contemplating painting some of my parts, but I haven't been able to find a positive lead on paint color/brand/whatever.
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