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  1. Yep thats how I have the screen shot. I'm not a HEX or whatever this is friendly, so I'm not sure about Identifying the ROM version. Any help?? Thanks in advance. http://mcosre.sourceforge.net/docs/rom_v.html
  2. http://mcosre.sourceforge.net/docs/rom_v.html
  3. I'm in same boat. I've read this thread and reformatted with Lido, still not able to boot on the plus. . I can see and transfer back and forth. Even loaded Sys 7.1 on to it from a PM8500. Im Stuck. Should I seek out a newer set of Plus roms? Iquired via interrupt switch for rom version. an ideas.
  4. According to a NETbsd website https://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-7.0.2/mac68k/INSTALL.html the FEAST chip is used in Asante fast 10/100 cards. Could those drivers work??
  5. I don't know if it will help. Maybe find a driver based on which DECchip your bluestreak uses. .Em DECchip 21041 -- This is the second chip in the Tulip family, dubbed .Dq Tulip Plus . It supports 10Mb/s speeds over a built-in serial interface. The serial interface has support for 10BASE-T, 10BASE5 AUI, and 10BASE2 BNC media. The serial interface also includes support for IEEE 802.3u NWay over the 10BASE-T interface, for negotiation of duplex mode with the link partner. .Pp Boards that include this chip include the DEC DE-450 and some SMC boards. .It .Em DECchip 21140 and 21140A --
  6. I've narrowed it down to possible keyboard decoder. Ordered one in with any luck will have it fixed in 10 days.
  7. So Christmas is coming and I wanted to take a crack again at a few games like MS FilghtSim 1.0, Drol, DigDug to name a few. My AppleIIe had a 4mhz Transwarp card that wouldn't cut FlightSim. A whopping one frame a second while sitting on the runway. This just wont do. So I ordered a FastChip. Awesome card easy to setup. Love the variable speed control. First game to try LodeRunner. It loaded up but when I tried to play things went south. I went back to configure FastChip and wasn't able to access the setup routine. After many attempts I pulled all cards and powered up t
  8. Found it at macintosh repository. https://www.macintoshrepository.org/11915-codewarrior-pro-2
  9. Thanks Guys! A lot to consider. I'm not a programmer or an engineer. Just thought with all the effort in figuring out the Protocache1 thread that a combined device based on a super cheap SBC (either R-pi, FPGA, or x86) could be affordable. Even was thinking if a modified VNC client or USB to video via serial port could support 640x480 8-bit color. If I'm remembering the serial port can run at 115k baud. Should be fast enough?? Ive seen a couple video on the fly type devices on hack a day. https://hackaday.io/project/21097-arduino-video-display-shield or https://hackaday.com/2011/10/06/a-ma
  10. Would it be possible to make a PDS slot card to hold a R-Pi or other SBC to act as an ethernet adaptor and video out. Power requirements would be low. Just a thought. Any takers? This is my first post. Hello World! and fellow 68k-ers.
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