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  1. i.e., someone emailed him a decent offer and he took it
  2. Got the card today. Silkscreened on the board is "MacCon FOR SE Rev C." The part number is as described. There is a sticker on one of the chips that reads "ASANTE-SE U7-A 000094-052E49". There is definitely a connector where a daughter card attaches. No daughter card was included Can anyone confirm the identity of this card? Were all the daughter cards for the MacCon series the same??
  3. I wasn't lead to believe anything. I figured I'd take a chance for $5 and see if I can get it working, since SE ethernet cards usually go for much more. I actually don't even have the card in my possesion yet. It looks like there is more text on the card itself that is not distinguishable in the photo. When I get it, I guess I'll go from there. I though someone might recognize it and be able to provide mroe info.
  4. I recently snagged an Asante MacCon+ 09-00300-51 on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190177380432. This WILL work in a SE, right? It looks like the auction doesn't include the back panel piece with the BNC/AAUI/RJ45 connectors. Does anybody have a pinout of the connector on the board so that I could possibly construct my own? Did the panel for this card have more than just the connector (i.e. circuit card)? Thanks.
  5. I'll give the various power supply tricks a shot. I'm not sure that the power supply is bad because all of the solutions describe a case where the power supply isn't providing trickle power. When I took the power supply out and plugged it in, I measured +5.12V on pin 10.
  6. pyl85

    Powerbook 180

    Went to the local recycle center today and sitting right on the computer table was a Powerbook 180. I snatched it up in a hurry and set about looking for a power adapter. I didn't find one, but luckily I have a PB1xx adapter already that I use with my Mac Portable. I did find the external monitor cable, though. I get the machine home and try to power it on. Nothing happens. I wait a few minutes and try again. Same. I remove the battery and it springs to life! That 4-bit greyscale active matrix display really sparkles! Is this common behavior with Powerbook and old, dead batteries?
  7. Okay, I pulled out the power supply and checked it with my voltmeter. One of the pins is supplying +5V trickle power. With the drives out, I reinserted the power supply and figured I'd give it a try. When I push the power key on the keyboard, the LED on the motherboard blinks and will continue to do so as long as the power key is held down. But it won't come up. A jumper is present at W1. There is an empty SIMM slot just to the left of the power supply. I don't see any evidence of leaking capacitors, but do these symptoms say otherwise? I wonder if it's grounding out somewhere. Thoughts?
  8. two times was enough! Thanks everyone! HD is dead but it booted from a floppy just fine.
  9. Anybody know off-hand of good place to check for +5V trickle power? According to Apple, the IIcx is not PRAM battery-dependent.
  10. pyl85

    Craigslist haul

    $50. I forgot to mention there was a Classic in nice condition, too. Watch the Trading Post, I'll probably be selling/trading the Quadra 650, IIcx, PM 6100 and maybe the IIe and/or IIgs.
  11. Local craigslist post offered a "pile" of old Apple computers. The list included a Color Classic, a IIe and a IIgs so I figure it's worth a look. Not only is the Color Classic in fantastic condition, the seller had the original box! The IIe and the IIgs both work well, nothing special. I also acquired a Quadra 650, Mac IIcx and Power Mac 6100/66. The latter two are giving me problems and I posted in the appropriate forum. I also got an Apple composite monitor, IIgs RGB display, 12" mac color display, and an assortment of disk drives and cables. I'm thrilled with the CC, though!
  12. I just acquired a Macintosh IIcx with a lot of computers I purchased on craigslist. Is there some secret to turning this model on? I hooked up a good ADB keyboard and mouse and plugged power in. There's no switch, so I figure it boots with the power key on the keyboard. I press it and nothing happens. Any thoughts? Don't tell me it's a dead PRAM battery Thanks, Greg
  13. I just got a Power Macintosh 6100/66 in a lot of computers off of craigslist. When I first powered it on, I got the chime but got no futher (no video). I switched off the computer and turned it back on, trying to reset the PRAM. The gray screen came up, and it chimed a second time. The happy mac appeared and it just stayed there. I heard the hard drive "knocking" so I figure the drive's probably toast. I powered the machine off again. Now I'm back to chime, no video and no boot. I've unplugged both the hard drive and CD-ROM and reseated all the SIMMs with no change in behavior. Any ideas?
  14. 4x IIGS (Woz, 2xROM 1, ROM 3) 1 Platinum IIe 1 Snow White IIc (well... not so white anymore, original rom)
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