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  1. Update: Reflowed all RAM slot joints using new solder and flux, still same result.
  2. There was no sign capacitors were even leaking when I first looked at it, its been ultrasonic cleaned as it had lots of dust. I have tried tons of sticks, have a rather big pile of 72-pin modules, even a tested working apple branded 8MB resulted in a death chime.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a recapped and ultrasonic cleaned LC475 that will work just fine with no RAM stick installed, but when one is, it'll do the death chime. Info: Board was not tested before recap, has no PRAM battery (a 10-pack is on the way though), I have been using the turn on, quickly turn off and back on again method to get it working with no battery.
  4. It appears to but I haven't checked its stability by leaving it on for a long period of time.
  5. Mine was working but had some odd behavior, decided to recap it, when the caps were getting pulled out, a lot of leakage poured all over the riser card, also some cap goo related corrosion near the PSU connector.
  6. Ive ran into a Power Mac 8100 and even an 8500 that needed capacitors replaced on the logic board in order for them to boot, before they had no chime and a blank screen, ive heard of 6100s needing logic board and PSU caps replaced as well.
  7. I can vouch for the mechanical pencil method, used it before and its a faster way of realigning pins, the BIC Atlantis 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil 2-Pack is under $5 where I am, so its pretty affordable and you could just use them as pencils after you're done.
  8. Well I managed to replace three chips and it works fine all the time now with my centris 650 PSU, shutdown is odd though, says "its now safe to switch off your macintosh" and proceeds to shut down seconds after displaying the message. Going to wire my ATX PSU for the IIci now. Photo is old, trace has been repaired and capacitors were installed.
  9. Well its been way more than a few days but here is the end result. What I did was resolder the joints to the electron gun I believe and adjusted trim pots on the neck board and flyback. It is WAY sharper now as well.
  10. I am happy getting rid of them for the price of shipping.
  11. I am definitely interested in giving them up as I will not do anything with them.
  12. Somewhere above in this post is where I was talking about the purpose of these two cards, I still don't know but I have some data now.
  13. The rocker switch way sounds good but I want to restore it to the point where it can be used with software power. I cleaned the two HC132 chip's and it booted and ran for about 30 secs this time. Will inspect further in about 2 weeks when I am on study break and have better tools.
  14. ATX PSU was hardwired to stay powered on, logic board has been washed and recapped. Original owner said it had been off for years, I powered it on without looking inside, straight out of parcel and it died after 5 seconds, now it just switches off. @Bolle
  15. Hi everyone, got a centris 650 that works fine, dropped the PSU into the IIci to find that this whole time, the logic board doesn't work properly, I wasted a PSU. Using an ATX PSU, the IIci will boot up fine, what could be the issue with the logic board? It will turn on for 2 secs and just turn off after.
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