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  1. Sorry; not on here a lot. Presumably you have figured this out, but those are the connectors to power the CPU. They won't power the pump. You won't even have the CPU cards attached to the system to do the heat gun/hair dryer test. The glue appears to be a thermal glue. I have not messed with the glue down by the blocks. I have had some on the pump connections that had to be replaced to removed the hoses; I replaced it with some organic-based (toluene solvent) flexible stuff; usually goes by the name "Goop" (I know, really specific, but that is the trademarked name it is sold by). The
  2. The quads do not have traditional O-rings in the transfer blocks; perhaps this is why they are not usually prone to leaking issues as the other G5 LCS systems. The single-pump systems have something more like a special molded flat gasket and some special softer gaskets that are also custom. The dual pump systems appear to have sealed transfer blocks; the only place they could leak (sns actual phyical damage to the block) would be where the hoses connect. I use a variant on the above technique to rebuild both systems. In terms of testing, I usually use a hair dryer rather than a heat gun. I a
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