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  1. Have you tried low level formatting the drives? If the format is getting weak (which they all are at this point) it can cause may odd problems.
  2. I know this is a longshot... but does anyone have the EtherPrint Plus version ROM dump? I have the standard version, which only supports 2 AppleTalk devices. The hardware on the plus version looks identical, except the eprom. I uploaded the manual, management software disk, and ROM image from mine here: https://archive.org/details/dayna-mini-etherprint Regarding functionality... it works great! The standard model lets you bridge 2 devices to ethernet. Combined with mactjaap's raspberry Pi software, and you can get IP routing to the internet over localtalk! No config
  3. If they're 12, they're likely Lisa CRTs. Hold a bright flashlight up to the screen. Is there a green after-glow? -J
  4. I have a G3 Walstreet II / PDQ 300, and want to upgrade the hard disk. I picked up a Ableconn IIDE-MSAT mSATA to 2.5-Inch IDE Adapter and Zheino 128GB M3m SATA SSD. The jumper configuration is the same as the Seagate 160g spinny drive I removed (the original 6gb drive was dead when I got the machine) - no jumper = master. I verified the ID select pins are not connected to anything in the little adapter PCB. Whenever the SSD is hooked up, the CD-ROM doesn't work. The machine knows something is in the bay, but System Profiler doesn't see the CD-ROM. I tried r
  5. The documentation for XENIX and Unisoft UniPlus UNIX mention these drives too. It makes me wonder if you can hook them up to the parallel port...
  6. Has the formatting software / commands for these drives been lost to time?
  7. You don't even have to disconnect the Lite adapter, the floppy drive simply won't work. The Lite adapter does 2 things: a pin converter to hook up the sony, and a PWM converter for the disk speed signal which is different between the twiggy and sony disks. -J
  8. My 2/10 has always had video artifacts... tearing between the scan lines. It changes as the horz phase is adjusted. I end up having to run the phase almost all the way to the left, and use the centering magnets to get the picture back in the middle of the CRT. The tearing changes depending on what is shown on the right most pixel. I've not been able to figure out why. I've recapped both the video board and psu. -J
  9. Could you re-host these files? Looks like the links have gone dead with the DropBox sharing changes. -J
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