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  1. Thats how mine sounds! I think I'm going to take a risk and solder it myself since I have two other motherboards incase one catches on fire or something after recapping :b&w: . But one more question.... Do the new caps matter how they look? I found a couple of 47uf 16v and 1uf 16v capacitors and they look different. Not sure if they have to be the can looking ones or not.
  2. See i've never did any kind of soldering in my life. I'm gonna start with a old CD-ROM drive I have to gain some skill. But after that, which caps should I replace? The little round ones that are around the board?
  3. Most likely be replacing the caps. One strange thing is that when I connect a external speaker to the motherboard, it still does that high pitched sound through the external speaker. Thankfully, it's not something that will blow up the whole machine!
  4. An update: So I managed to buy two motherboards for this machine. One MB is for the original Classic and the other for the Classic II. For some reason, the new Classic MB produces a louder, but very quiet at the same time sound. I plug-in my Classic II motherboard, it produces sound normally. Now the only problem I have now is that the motherboard Makes this high-pitched noise and I'm afraid to leave it on for a long time. Note that the other motherboards don't have this problem. They simple don't make sound. So now, I have 2 problems ????
  5. I'll be working (or try to work) on the machine in the next couple of weeks. So if anyone has more resources, I'll definitely take a look at all suggestions. Thanks all !!
  6. Yeah sorry about that. I posted that on my iPhone and it came out like that. But where is the best place I can get a cheap analog board? I'd want to restore the Mac but not trying to spend a lot of money on a machine.
  7. Hi there everyone! I've dug up an old Macintosh Plus my father had in the garage for quite sometime. I live in the Midwest so maybe storing a old piece of hardware such as this Mac outside when it's cold out is probably not the best thing. That's why I decided to bring the computer inside to warm up. Problem is when I turn the computer on, it makes this flicking noise. Made this noise for about two minutes then went way and it started to work. Unfortunately that was short-lived. Yesterday I was working on the floppy drive because it had problems with the ejecting floppies and all of a sud
  8. Cool thanks. I'll give this a try sometime this week. Hopefully that resolves the issues. Another question though(off topic), is it possible to upgrade this Macintosh Classic to a Classic II? Like buy a motherboard from a Classic II and put it in the original Classic? They both have the same case from what It looks like. Am I wrong?
  9. If i have to get the Mac recapped, which capacitor is it? I know its good to get all of them recapped because they leak overtime but i would like to know which one it is. Is it on the board that has all of the power supply stuff or is it on the actual motherboard?
  10. Do you(or anyone) know of any services in the Detroit,Michigan area that recap motherboards?
  11. Hi everyone. I recently pulled out my Macintosh Classic from the closet so I can play around with it. I acquired it on a eBay auction a couple of years ago. The Macintosh has a 500 mb hard drive with 4MB of RAM installed. The little machine runs great but lacks sound. No startup chime or anything but boots right into System 7.5 that I installed fresh less then an hour ago. I go into the Control Panel for sound and it still plays nothing even though the volume is on max. I've plugged in my external speaker and it makes very little sound. I've even tried out the Control Panel for sound as well w
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