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  1. Nope, I tested it with a IIci and a IIsi, nothing work...
  2. I used RaSCSI with my Macs with a Pi 3 and Zero W, every time with a direct wiring, but honestly it doesn't work so good. My Macs and their SCSI controllers are still alive.
  3. Hi everybody! I'm restoring a bunch of Apple Desktop Bus mice that I found in my house, I'm also recapping them and I did a capacitors list. 1x 10uF 16V 1x 1uF 50V 1x 0,47uf 50V
  4. CORRECTION /Volumes/YOURVOLUME/YOUROS9SYSTEMFOLDER I forgot the / before Volumes
  5. SOLVED So, a user into MacOS9Lives' Facebook group pasted me a terminal line: /usr/sbin/bless --folder9 "Volumes/YOURVOLUME/YOUROS9SYSTEMFOLDER" -saveX --use9 --setOF /usr/sbin/bless --folder9 "Volumes/YOURVOLUME/YOUROS9SYSTEMFOLDER" -saveX --use9 --setOF; /sbin/reboot ^------- If you want to reboot your Macintosh after executing the script I simply pasted the first line to a text file and gave the text file to the terminal, the eMac successfully rebooted into OS 9.2.2 1) Go to Terminal 2) type "sudo nano goto9"
  6. Yep, I posted the issue in OS9Lives' Facebook group but no luck, another person had my same problem and frustration but without solution
  7. Hi everybody! Yesterday I installed Mac OS 9.2.2 on my “Unsupported” eMac G4 (1 GhZ, 40 GB, 1 GB, ATI 7500) with the MacOS9Lives disc on the second partition of my hard disk and 10.4.11 on the first partition. OS 9.2.2 works like a charm on my eMac G4 and I really want to keep it with 10.4.11, I created two separated partitions to switch the OS in the Open Firmware’s boot manager and here’s the trouble: it’s completely buggy and it doesn’t works so well with the wireless keyboard and mouse I have on the eMac, it only works with the original Pro Mouse that I use on my Quicksilver, but
  8. How do you attached the IDE drive to the SCSI controller? Is that board an IDE to SCSI?
  9. All the mothern ATX PSUs have 4 pin square connectors called "P4", maybe you can search on eBay or Aliexpress and see what matches with the molex connector with your LC, or maybe you can do a very dirty thing: remove the pins from an ATX connector (I think the pins from the 20 pin plug are the best for this job, they are thinner than the pins in the IDE molex plugs), solder a male Molex plug to them, put the pins part into the LC female port and hot-glue them... Yeah, it's so raw
  10. UPDATE 16/6/2018 I had an ASTEC PSU on my LC, not a TDK one. However, I changed these caps and... no more fish smell! Now my LC is "usable" :')
  11. Using an Arduino as SCSI device would be a beautiful thing, however, SCSI2SD has a Cortex M3 based microcontroller, the only Arduino with M3 is the "Due" model.
  12. Unfortunately you can't downgrade the firmware, put OS 9.2.2 which is more stable than 8.6
  13. I use my IIci with an ATX PSU, I manually power it by shorting PS_ON and a GND rocker switch, never had an issue, I use it also with IIsi and I used it on the Q700
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