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  1. I'm merging my 2 Quadra 950s into one with the best parts consolidated into one good working unit. My original has a funky power supply that works but requires me to power on with a power strip switch external to the machine immediately before booting, otherwise I get a white screen and no happy mac startup after the chime. Took me a long time to research and find that workaround. Been like that reliably for the 12 years I've owned the machine. Of course the SCSI hard drives are all fading into oblivion thankfully the scsi2sd options are great replacements. So need to finish that u
  2. Aha! Ha! I am laughing at myself ... completely forgot about the key positioning locking out the keyboard. Will leave this post for others who make the same silly mistake. Thank you ... can happily return to the project. Didn't check after reading this but I'm sure you're right. I recall stumbling over this before. Odd feature. Craig
  3. Today I returned to my Quadra 950 projects and discovered an odd problem. I have two of these, both were working as of a month or so ago, and today they BOTH fail to recognize the keyboard or mouse which of course makes it hard to control boot up options never mind do anything useful. Tried the obvious: different keyboards, cords, etc. and verified that the keyboard, mouse, and cables I'm using work fine on a Mac IIsi. Strange that BOTH computers developed the same symptoms at the same time. Anybody else seen this kind of problem on vintage Macs? The older they get, the more electr
  4. This was the first hard drive I've seen that was the size of a CD Rom Drive. Right I know the older full height drives are big and heavy too ... this one just made me look at it and say 'what IS this thing?' Since the enclosure was marked as a tape backup drive it was extra confusing. This drive made reasonable mild startup sounds, but didn't work. The hard drive spins up nicely but the drive itself failed to be recognized. I tried it in a few places, including other external SCSI enclosures and internally with a couple of vintage macs. Hopefully yours work. Slowly but surely I'm mig
  5. My guess is this may have been assembled by somebody inside Apple who knew the parts fit because it does seem unlikely they would sell this thing mislabeled. So the serial number is right but the product and model number label is wrong. Seems silly to go to the trouble of moving the product label just to make it wrong. Anyway ... seems the old ginormous drive isn't all that healthy. Connected it directly to a IIci and got a sad mac icon on startup. So it's on a shelf now. The huge drive bracket actually did fit a standard sized drive and I replaced it successfully with a 1 GB drive and re
  6. Here's a photo showing the serial number, and another showing the inside top and bottom case with hand written dates 11/7/87 and 11/8/87. Weird. Agree this was a factory HD just strange the way it's labeled.
  7. Sorry I meant to post a 4th photo ... here now. This external SCSI device is a 'Tape Backup 40SC' model number M2640. I agree it appears to actually be an internal SCSI drive, which was my guess when I purchased it, but it's definitely labeled as a Tape Backup. I suppose somebody could have taken two cases and swapped them or something but that seems pretty unlikely. Case pieces match perfectly, including the aged plastic color which is surprisingly un-yellowed. Weird. Maybe just a quirk they released this way to use up spare parts? Thanks for the replies. ~C
  8. And now for something strange and different. At least I think so, curious if others have seen this. A 1987 Apple Mac SCSI SC40 Tape Backup fully enclosed. Please see photos. It is unlike any tape backup I've ever seen, in that there is nowhere to put in a tape! I recently purchased this on ebay, driven by curiosity since it looked like a nice SCSI hard drive which would fit well with my vintage Macs. I googled it prior to buying, and only found the expected enclosures which accept tapes, like that shown in the link below. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_Tape_Backup_40SC I tried
  9. By chance I found the 'hint' I mentioned about the workaround of using a power strip OFF/ON before powering on the Q950. This describes a known issue with the IIci and IIcx not the Q950, but I'm successfully using this trick on the Q950. http://www.shobaffum.com/iici/faq.html#11 And here's the text with a proposed explanation of why this works: "There is a known issue with IIci power supplies. This involves the +5 V trickle that is present even when the computer is off (but plugged in). Over time, the charge dwindles down to 0 Volts, making it impossible to start up. The usual sym
  10. Good questions. I had this done by Charles of MacCaps.com and in email exchanges he assured me the board was fully tested and working prior to sending it back. In my next reply I can ask him more details. He suggested I clean the board further, as follows: "The power on circuit is located on the main board of the IICI and is sometimes an issue. It can be bypassed if needed. I do remember that area was really nasty, had some corrosion and required lots of extra cleaning, but again it did power up when i tried it." "You can also try getting some 91% isopropyl and a tooth brush and clean
  11. I have a monstrous Attila the Mac 950 Quadra tower that is a fantastic machine. Works great with one strange startup quirk: Before powering on, I have to turn off the power to the machine (using a power strip on/off button), then on again immediately prior to powering up the 950. If I do this it boots 100% of the time, very reliably. If I DON'T do this power strip on/off step, the machine fails to boot properly and hangs with a grey screen at startup. Very reliably. BTW I didn't just stumble up on this startup workaround, I found a hint during my hours of googling vintage mac startup
  12. I have several working IIci macs and have been trying to get one in nice shape complete with a recap to set up in my working vintage mac office. Power supplies seem quirky and sometimes mysterious, so I thought I might post some of my observations here and see if any collective wisdom or similar experience might help guide my next steps. Back in December I did some testing to sort out which machine to have recapped. In testing, it seemed all 3 machines suffered from a strange symptom where the on-board power button had to be held down in order to sustain power. Strange. Anyone seen this be
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. Problem solved with a new (old, but working) hard drive. Apparently the partial boot succeeded until a read of bad sectors or other drive failure. Never saw this kind of error message before, which is what threw me. The floppy drive wasn't working because it had become disconnected at the drive itself, so when I reconnected it to the newly recapped motherboard it wasn't really connected. All back together and working beautifully. ~C
  14. Hi everyone ... first post for me here. Have a bunch of early model macs most of them working but having trouble reviving my SE/30. Recently had the logic board recapped, just got it back and was happy to see the happy mac icon after reassembly. Looks like it boots to Sys 7.X on the internal (original) 80MB HD but near the end of the boot sequence after all the Sys 7 icons are displayed and I'm expecting to see the internal HD icon in the upper right corner, I get a pop-up message saying the disk failed to initialize. Also seeing that the floppy drive isn't recognized, as I tried to boot
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