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    Surely, as a "forum veteran", you'd understand that asking for personal, sensitive information about a deceased person in a public forum is inappropriate.
  2. It’s news to me that using 5V EDO RAM can “damage” a system requiring 3.3V EDO modules; I’d pull the power cable, PRAM and leave it be for 24 hours before cleaning and installing the correct modules back in.
  3. What OS are you running, and yes I'd install the official Radius drivers for the accelerator. https://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/radiuscards.html
  4. I'd suspect a flaky OS install or the hard disk. Do you have virtual memory running? Video shouldn't be affected by the new CPU by any means; but perhaps the video cable was slightly dislodged when you installed the new CPU.
  5. Hi ferranrc, Reading between the lines I'd say the "first owner" cut the cables as a rudimentary way of disabling the whole machine to avoid prying eyes, but the "second owner" found it for free and here you are Unless you can find a junker Cube G4 - and they are around - I'd be resoldering the DC cable - it's only four wires. The short 80 pin IDE cable shouldn't be tricky to replace.
  6. Excellent work, bengi3! Polarising film is quite expensive, but I reckon a source of a huge sheet of it would be in a relatively late model LCD TV. I recently took apart a Phillips 55" LCD TV - now fixed - but one of the layers was a huge loose fitted sheet of polarising film. Needless to say, it might be the wrong type, but keep in mind if you come across a junker/cracked TV to scavenge for parts. I recently took apart a PB100 LCD which I thought was part of the "syndrome" (in this case it appeared to be a kind of fungal/purple mold); however the LCD liquid itself ha
  7. Ah my mistake - I forgot about the resolution roulette some Nubus graphics cards apply when certain key commands are held down.
  8. Hi OVa, Sadly holding down Option at startup won't do anything in vintage Macs - time to trial another DB15-VGA adapter, monitor I think
  9. That'll be my next purchase; the stubborn in me wants to get this 128GB mSATA drive working on any Mac, as so far it's displayed incompatibilities on older Macs I've tried it on (works fine in a BX based Pentium III setup). Ideally I'd get a ~ 500GB SATA SSD and be done with it using the hicap ATA patch on my Cube.
  10. Welcome OVa, Sounds like a perfectly working Quadra but you're either driving a monitor that refuses to work at the required resolution/refresh rate or your DB15 to VGA adapter isn't suitable. I'd not bother with the SuperMac video card until you can get good reliable video output from onboard video; pull this card for the time being. Pull, clean and reseat the VRAM; reset PRAM, try another monitor. JB
  11. Having a closer look, the handle when pushed in pushes out two pieces of metal to medially slide into both D-brackets, allowing the Cube innards to hang on for dear life. There are also small springs which push back the metal clips when the handle is released. If slightly out of alignment ... it'll fail. I'm trialling a 128GB mSATA SSD to 2.5" IDE case with 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter; 3D printed 2.5" to 3.5" bracket to hold the thing in the Cube. Lots of adapters. The SSD drive has failed to work nicely in any pre-G3 Mac; I'm hoping this will be compatible in the Cube.
  12. Taking my Cube apart to try an SSD. Re: the outer shell, looking inside you'll see two pins either side of the exhaust grill - these guide inner and outer shells together. See those D-shaped metal brackets either side of the exhaust grill? They are positioned slightly inwards ~ 5 degrees; when the internal shell slides inside and you push in the handle the latches are grabbed holding the shell safely in place. I'd check the sliding mechanisms for signs of symmetry either side and the D-shaped brackets also positioned the same. The clobbered corner would also need att
  13. I'm planning on dismantling a Cube tonight, so will confirm then, but yes that level of physical damage suggests it was one dropped and the internal "skeleton" would be out of alignment. I'd be bending things back to the right position.
  14. It's the generic non-DIP switch adapters that I go for first as they usually work without issue (eg. the beige, Apple or NEC ones are my choice); try another monitor. I find the more complex adapters add another layer of complexity to getting an old Mac up and running, you only needed the adjustments if running a particularly fancy high resolution monitor in the day. JB
  15. Nice find, 25 years ago I bought a IIfx in a II case for a song - when it was still considered "modern" and the Mac II "useless", it got me through high school, having used a Plus prior A deep clean of the case should bring it up well removing most of the dings; a clean of the motherboard might elicit what's up with the sound - the speaker itself perhaps, or the connector - there are only a few electrolytic caps to replace.
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