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  1. Go for the simple stuff and assume RAM first; the seller could have thought the death chime indicated a reasonably healthy board. I'd also check your cleaning around the caps check no traces were removed with your Q-tips.
  2. It shouldn't be bent, I'd say you just got lucky and the pin in question PST3 which "indicates the internal execution unit's status" conducted some signalling that perhaps wasn't so important. If you have a retractable lead pencil (with the lead removed), this serves at the perfect pin straightener, otherwise very gentle plier work is OK MC68040UM.pdf'
  3. Hi, Best (new) RAM is from OWC; https://eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/30PS16MB/ Keep in mind buying elsewhere the height of the RAM - some tall modules don't fit in the cramped chassis - I've an SE/30 with 80MB (64MB "tall" + 16MB "short" to fit in front)
  4. @fstark Absolutely fantastic - now with sound, we have the killer "show off" app so show all our friends! I'd love the "Bad Apple" demo with sound, but I'm sure I can encode my own eventually.
  5. No software solutions - have you given the drive internals a bit of a spring clean? It might free up the mechanism. With the right Torx bit you remove three screws from underneath, reach in fold out the keyboard on the palm reset, where you'll see the floppy drive ribbon that can be freed.
  6. @beachycove Thanks for the additional info, much appreciated. Agree that the sloshing may not just indicate low coolant; I'll be interested in seeing what crud comes out. Sounds like it's a case of "do it properly" then make some minor improvements in tubing, coolants and double check all so that when servicing is required in a couple of years it won't be as arduous. Obviously wasn't hoping for that and was feeling lazy Thanks JB
  7. Hi all, I've a never serviced before Quad G5 - single pump revision 1 "Delphi" unit. It's been a long time since I fired it up, I recall it ran OK but best with the G5 laying on it's side, which to me suggested low coolant. I've pulled the water cooling unit, and can hear coolant sloshing around inside. It is not leaking - there is no evidence of any wear or corrosion, it is spotless. It may have been an Apple recalled unit? To avoid complete disassembly I'm tempted just to clamp on some longer tubing and flush the coolant, or at least see what comes out. Repasting
  8. It was the simplest video I could find; it almost looks too easy and perhaps on wider pitched flex cable it really isn’t that hard to do. Results will vary on thinner flex cable and how well you reinforce it after the repair (some sort of thin hard plastic sleeve taped down would help)
  9. Somewhere back in this forum is a way to reposition resistors on a 5500/6500 board to make it do the TAM chime
  10. No, you can disconnect the floppy ribbon cable with no ill effect
  11. To save you some hours of frustration, I'd say don't bother splicing cable unless you are particularly good with soldering. By the time you sand back, cut and splice wires on ... you run out of space, the wires break, you have to sand back more copper - really not fun. As the tear is not on a 90 degree join and the wiring straight not bent, I'd try this method, if you have nothing to lose. Flux, good solder and superglue to hold it down is your friend.
  12. Hi BishioBlougram, Odd error but have come across it a couple of times - in PowerBooks - it usually suggests the drive mechanism itself is caught/not fully engaged thinking a disk is installed when in fact it isn't, or a sensor/switch is dirty. Long story is yes cleaning the drive should help, but the mechanism might be gummed up causing the issues. I'd try the compressed air, tweezers to remove any dust, ultimately though it might need to be pulled out and inspected. Good thing is it works JB
  13. Hi Garrett, Have you a close up of the severed cable? Shame the tear is not in a straight line you can sand back the coating to expose copper, flux and resolder for a decent join. On a corner such as this, yes fine wire resolder onto each pin is possible, but you need wide and consistent spacing on the traces to make it a success. I recently tried to recover a torn flex cable on an IBM Thinkpad 860 - which had wiring of varied widths and distance - and failed.
  14. Nice work! One of my friends owned an iBook G3 and used to use it with the palmrest clamped down on a desk between two blocks of wood. Not exactly portable
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