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  1. No, sadly! - It's AGP, you need PCI - You need to flash over a Mac compatible ROM to the card - be prepared for some messing around with some random Pentium III/4 motherboard to get this working - That looks like a really cheap Radeon 7000 - go the full height card with DVI
  2. Late SCSI CD-ROM drives don't play nice with older Macs; I suspect some sort of compatibility/driver issue is happening here. Double check though the CD drive is not terminated, assuming it's in the middle of the SCSI chain
  3. I'm assuming if a seller has hundreds/thousands of 030 and 040 CPUs and you can double or triple your money with fake badges it's worth the effort
  4. It is displaying cap-rot symptoms? There really isn't much to replace if at all.
  5. That sounds like a much better suggestion @beachycove - drilling the head then making some sort of long handled bolt extractor to get it out (weld the bit onto something perhaps)
  6. Hi - welcome The Powerbook 150 has onboard 4MB RAM, so it doesn't need any additional cards to function. I'd check your power brick voltages before all else - most of these have now failed and need a recap. Failing that, I use a 7.5V 2.0A generic power brick which does the job. JB
  7. You seem to get in trouble often with computers ... how did you strip it? Ideally you'll need to make up something else that bites into the screw, and spray some lubricant around the screw leave it for some hours to seep down. You don't need a long handled torx screwdriver to open a Compact Mac, a long lever arm made from a coat hanger does the job, hammered down and filed at one end to fit into the hex hole. I've done this for years. Hammer down the end and grind down an edge "phillips style" to fit snugly into the screw hole --->__________________________________
  8. In my box o' crap I found a switch same height but half size width switch - it'll fit snugly. There will be gaps either side I'll make up a small plastic shroud to cover it up
  9. Hi all, I'm doing a SE PSU to ATX conversion for three machines - two are working great, the last has a faulty 240V rocker switch. I've looked at local electronic stores but none have a suitable match for the rocker switch - noting has has to be the right size to fit past the ABS enclosure. Any tips, part numbers others have found? Thank you JB
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ATI_Rage_series ... Apple really cheapened out choosing the 2MB ATI Rage IIc when slightly more memory would have made it a viable all around gaming chipset; they also did a Rage II with DVD acceleration but that wasn't chosen either. I found an ATI Rage Pro Nexus GA in my box 'o random crap today. Part number 109-42600-00 indicates is an 8MB card - again not stellar, but might give it a go one day in a 5500/TAM as I don't think it'll be a heat monster!
  11. I'd start with a fresh install of OS 9.1 to rule out sound issues
  12. I've never tried a Rage 128, that might be a good card to try using Apple's drivers (found in OS 8.6, 9.x not the later ATI extensions), with nil conflicts. I've only trialled a Mac Edition Radeon 7000 in my TAM/6500 which didn't play nice and I'm not going to hobble the main display performance so it was pulled out. You've got me thinking now to try out a Rage 128. A 3DFX Voodoo 1 card was great and 3D games looked fantastic, however very hot running card and I'm imagine much the same in a 5500 case. Took mine out after a while as it was absolutely roasting even with a fan shoved in close
  13. The onboard 2MB ATI Rage IIc is considered to be a 2D "accelerator" and doesn't cut the mustard running anything 3D accelerated, it simply doesn't have the texture memory to do anything. I think there were versions of Descent and Mechwarrior II that shipped with the 6500 but but provided very basic acceleration not much better than software rendering - if you can find these, let me know! So, for RAVE/OpenGL games you ideally need a PCI 3D accelerator you can plug an external display into. My experience with such cards on a TAM (same ATI Rage IIc) is that ATI card drivers don't pl
  14. Welcome mjacob Sounds like a nice G5 - good start with the SSD; you can max out the RAM super cheap and your next upgrade would be the GPU - what do you have now (Geforce FX5200?)? You can source generic Wintel AGP graphics card but you'll need to flash these with Mac compatible BIOs, among other things. A good card for such a machine would be an AGP 6800GT, ATI X800 (Mac edition, I'm not sure if you can flash the PC edition). An ATI 9800 Pro (Mac edition) is another choice, but I'm yet to find one that hasn't flaked out. JB
  15. I'd do the usual troubleshooting - reset PRAM, check PSU voltages, check motherboard caps for visual inspection of leaking. My experience with the Centris/Quadra 610, 660AV is that they're finicky at the best of times and cap leakage is common. PSU is usually pretty good, but will eventually need a recap but look at the motherboard first. JB
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