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  1. The Atari Portfolio could be coaxed to run with a special mac cable and software for System 6. Before Palm Desktop, early Palm OS machines used to run a sync program called Pilot desktop, I suspect that might be for System 7.1 and below.
  2. Don't bother asking the seller to crack it open - they'll probably damage it. I'd say sight unseen, with power and motherboard issues 100 - 150 EUR
  3. Hi David, taking apart any camera never amounts to fun! Personally I'd be looking for blown SMT fuses first over a complete recap, unless there is any visible leaking from caps within.
  4. As with others: for 300 EUR you'd be expecting a completely working machine with good motherboard and analogue board - for which this has neither. Also factor in you'll probably need a new HD, more RAM.
  5. Over time the thermal pad dries out and gets chalky, it can come off in little pieces and yes inexpensively replaced. That RAM looks like it has Micron branded modules; for compatibility I'd look out for less generic modules - Hynix, Samsung, Hyundai, etc.
  6. Hi Juror22, You should be looking for double sided RAM - which I suspect your modules are not. Certainly the profile of the RAM doesn't matter and I've used PC100/133 RAM without issue in beige G3s, but it takes some work to get all three modules running nicely. Re: gap filler; if the original heatsink isn't a snug fit on the G4 CPU, this would be a thermal pad - available in various thicknesses you can cut to size.
  7. Hi LaPorta, where did you source the replacement speakers, or foam? I found some Soundsticks II some years ago but haven't use them as most of the speakers have fallen out.
  8. Look out for a Mac compatible Promise ATA66-100-133 card. But I'd try another SSD brand if you can
  9. It's probably an incompatibility with the SSD (the IDE implementation of the G3 doesn't play nice with the later ATA standard used by the SSD, adapter); I've found this many times trying to make my 68K/PPC Macs run off them. I assume switching back to a mechanical HD all problems are gone? Yes, you could try a later PCI IDE card - or consider native SATA.
  10. Rare, but not terribly useful - I'd say you'd get something decent for it if pulled and sold separately
  11. Byrd


    Surely, as a "forum veteran", you'd understand that asking for personal, sensitive information about a deceased person in a public forum is inappropriate.
  12. It’s news to me that using 5V EDO RAM can “damage” a system requiring 3.3V EDO modules; I’d pull the power cable, PRAM and leave it be for 24 hours before cleaning and installing the correct modules back in.
  13. What OS are you running, and yes I'd install the official Radius drivers for the accelerator. https://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/radiuscards.html
  14. I'd suspect a flaky OS install or the hard disk. Do you have virtual memory running? Video shouldn't be affected by the new CPU by any means; but perhaps the video cable was slightly dislodged when you installed the new CPU.
  15. Hi ferranrc, Reading between the lines I'd say the "first owner" cut the cables as a rudimentary way of disabling the whole machine to avoid prying eyes, but the "second owner" found it for free and here you are Unless you can find a junker Cube G4 - and they are around - I'd be resoldering the DC cable - it's only four wires. The short 80 pin IDE cable shouldn't be tricky to replace.
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