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  1. Ok. I will be working on my beta. So take your time. If you want to use your Macintosh with TCP/IP do it like this:
  2. Thanks for this test report! I continue to post and give some answers in the article about the new Rpi 5.0.1
  3. I got the results of two beta testers: One tester confirmed that the image is also working for the P4 This is the second test result. Nice to read all along. - For beta rc 02 I will add macipgw to sudoers. Work around is to login as root. Expanding your SD card to the max with first boot will be standard in bet rc 02 - Show up of shared disk in all kind off protocols is a feature. I think it is noce you can always access this disk to "feed" your old macs. - Printing will be not on this one, because of the setup per printer. Difficult to g
  4. Yes! That is how you can use it. the MacIPpi has a shared disk. You can access it as guest. Upload and download without any hassle.
  5. The fun of running a MacIPpi is that you do have an "out of the box" MacIP gateway in your network. And feel how people end eighties / begin nineties could access the Internet with a machine line Plus or SE. No network card...only LocalTalk. Bonus nowadays is that you have instant file sharing for every platform, including Windows, Mac, MacOS X. I also added the Web Rendering Proxy (port 8080) so you can surf modern web sites with f.i Netscape 3.0. So..you have to have the retro feeling about the Internet to Telnet from your Plus to Telehack.com and watch Star Wars in ascii. (But I must s
  6. There is a software solution too. If you have a Macintosh with network and LocalTalk. https://www.macintoshrepository.org/1481-localtalk-bridge-2-1
  7. New from MacIP.net the…. MacIPpi Rpi. The MacIPpi concept for Raspberry Pi. The first beta is finished, running MacIPpi 5.0.1 As always. MacIP.net gives you a MacIP gateway out of the box thanks to the linux port of macipgw done by Stefan Bethke. You can find more information about this port on: https://github.com/zero2sixd/macipgw The basics: You can connect Macintosh computers over LocalTalk with the use of cabling between the printer ports. On this kind of network it is not possible to “speak” TCP/IP right away. To speak TCP/IP on a Lo
  8. Beta version for Raspberry Pi is ready for other users to test. You can download it from my MacIP web site, https://www.macip.net
  9. Ahhh. Good solution. A kind of “by pass“. Could you share a picture how this looks?
  10. Ahhh. Great! Yes. MacIPpi 5.0 will be on a Raspberry Pi. (I also will make an image for OrangePi, but device is no so common). Beta version of a image for 5.0 is ready. I could use some testers!
  11. Made a quick test with PPP beta 4 rc4. It has now system wide statistics, so you can see what you are doing. It did a ping and send some words to port 7 over UDP. Here is the video. https://youtu.be/smZR3YoJtn4
  12. I must be honnest... never tried it..... is it possible to make a generic solution? Which will work with any laserprinter?
  13. Thanks! Always nice to know that I made someone happy. Main goal of the MacIPgw stuff (www.macip.net) is to get a hassle free way of connecting your old LocalTalk only machines to the Internet. But in later versions file sharing became also important, which is also a nice feature! Currently working on version 5.0 for the MacIPpi. This can run on a Raspberry PI. File sharing for all platforms; old school Macintosh, MacOS X, Windows, Linux...you name it. And a new version of the Web Rendering Proxy.
  14. Hmmmm. If I’m not wrong..... Such a device is not just a LocalTalk bridge but acts as a network card. So if you have used the installer you can put it on ethernet (alternate) and use it as a network card. Then you can also use it for TCP/IP.
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