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  1. Yes! Only British keyboards over here. But I get used to it! Regards NaxTjaap uhhh. MacTjaap no serious. Would love a solution.
  2. I don’t understand why you think it is not possible. You can use file sharing. You don’t need MacTCP for file sharing...... AppleTalk and Chooser. That is enough.
  3. Yes. You need to install MacTCP. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacTCP) But to test if you 'see' the MacIPRpi only AppleTalk will do. Just open the Chooser and see if the MacIPpi is sharing its disk. Then download and install MacTCP if you are running system 7 .0 to 7.5.1. Above it is Open Transport. Let me know if it works! https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/mactcp-206
  4. I made the MacIPgw VM so I guess I should know what to do. I don’t know what is going wrong directly. You also tried a few things I would be careful with. - The VM should run on a computer connected to your home network. So directly on a switch. Same as your Powerbook 520c with AAUI-ethernet transciever. Hook it also to your home switch. - Don’t try anything with WiFi or a direct network cable between two computers. I will boot the VM in my own environment and see if I can help you. I switched to the Raspberry version so I don’t use it anymore. It is a litt
  5. Better have a look at http://www.macip.net and have a look at an easy solution.
  6. Or use only the control panel LocalTalk bridge and let macipgw handle IP. That’s what I advise people without hardware LocalTalk bridge, but with a spare Macintosh with Ethernet.
  7. Hmmmmmmm. I think I have the same card in one of my SE. Will have a look.
  8. Stable release is out. Read all about it: MacIP.net gives you a MacIP gateway out of the box on a Raspberry Pi thanks to the Linux port of macipgw done by Stefan Bethke. And the MacIPRpi is loaded with software to get you going with file sharing with almost any computer. New or old. Macintosh or non Macintosh. Picture: MacIPRpi at work for a MacIP session in BaseliskII emulator You can connect Macintosh computers over LocalTalk with the use of cabling between the printer ports. On this kind of network it is not possible to ‘speak’ TCP/IP to the Int
  9. @sambapati87 Nice to hear that the MacIPRpi is working for you! I always like feedback, because I hope my solutions help people to have fun with their old Macintosh online. It is still in beta, but very usable. Main features are as always a lot of file sharing and of course MacIP! I will try to make a stable version which expands the SD card with first boot, but for now the work around with raspi-config (option 7 Advanced Options / A1 Expand Filesystem ) works fine. The Web Rendering Proxy is not a 'real' proxy anymore as you would have expected. The di
  10. What a haul! Congratulations! About the Lisa. Don’t give up on the hard disk yet! These widget drives are very rare if they work at all. So the fact that it booted ones could be a good sign that it is still working. Maybe it needs some help spinning up. If you have had a crash also disk error can be given, but it is still working. Have a look at the Lisa part of this forum or at lisalist2.com for more information about widget drives.
  11. For now you can login with ssh and use raspi-config to enlarge your disk. I will make a beta 2 soon where this is done at boot.
  12. I think I had the same problem. I resolved it a few years ago. Don’t know exactly how, but I have a large amount of files on my FloppyEmu SD card which work OK. Maybe we could exchange files? So I test yours and you test mine. If you want that please send me a PM. If we find out what’s does the trick we post it here.
  13. https://mac68k.info/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=275&start=0&tstart=0 Her is the link to the thread: Localtalk bridge
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