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  1. Here is some pictures of the logic board after recapping and cleaning: https://imgur.com/a/9C4ULXe
  2. I wish that was it. I tried disconnecting the hard drive and got the same result. Then I tried disconnecting the floppy, then I tried disconnecting both, with no difference. Since I have two of these computers I still have a known-good logic board I can test with, and it boots fine with this hard drive. I thought maybe since the caps were replaced it became more sensitive to the voltages being in range, but I checked them from the floppy port and measured the 12V at 11.88 and the 5V at 4.994, which seems fine. Here is a video of what it does:
  3. I'm starting to think I killed the processor when I booted it with that RAM chip in backwards.
  4. Well copying the known-good ROM onto a fresh AT27C010 fixed that issue, but now I have a problem where the recapped board boot loops once and then sad-macs with code 0000000F 00000001, no matter what ROM I use in it.
  5. I’m in Reno Nevada. I have two with the same 4-chip board, so I’m going to try copying the known good ROM I have first, before I look for a donor board. Thanks for the help though.
  6. This did help. Since I have a working #4 chip already, I am going to just copy that one onto a new chip, as Bolle suggested. I ordered a programmer and some blank 27C010 eproms. They are apparently still readily available in DIP32.
  7. I have two Classic II's that I have been working on restoring. This is my first re-cap adventure. I recapped one of the logic boards with tantalums, then cleaned it with an ultrasonic bath and PCB cleaner. When I put the ROM chips back, I accidentally plugged one of them (U25) in backwards, but didn't notice. When I booted it I got scrambled looking vertical bars. When I noticed the backwards ROM, I re-seated it correctly, but it still booted to the same scrambled bars. I borrowed the ROM chip from the other board, and it chimes. So I'm fairly sure I killed that ROM chip. Both boar
  8. Wow, looks familiar too! Is this Hap's? Here's the (mobile) link: http://m.ebay.com/itm/Unreleased-Prototype-Apple-Power-Express-Macintosh-PEX-9700-/152507510472?hash=item238227eec8%3Ag%3A0UgAAOSw%7ECFY7Z%7EO&_trkparms=pageci%253A9fd535d2-22b3-11e7-9f0a-74dbd1a0aab8%257Cparentrq%253A773bb4fa15b0a5eb36167e7dfff7c8ae%257Ciid%253A7
  9. For those that need it, here is the ROM I dumped: TriPEx.ROM.zip
  10. Mac OS 8.6 System Profiler: Picture 2.pdf Picture 4.pdf It's a Powerbook! lol.
  11. I was able to boot to an 8.6 install CD and connect to my Linux server over AppleTalk so that I could format the SCSI2SD with Lido. It would have been a lot easier with a USB floppy drive! I threw 8.6 onto the SCSI2SD since I knew that version worked. I recovered 90% (I didn't copy some programs and damaged files) of the contents of the original hard drive, but there was nothing that looked like Apple internal or pre-release software on there. It almost looks like a hard drive transplanted from another Mac. I don't want want to expose somebody's personal information, so I won't post the wh
  12. I don't know, I've never even seen a screen like that before. I don't believe this is a new-world Mac.
  13. And there it stands for now. I don't want to stress the hard drive, so I'm switching to booting from the SCSI2SD to try to copy some files.
  14. Hard drive sounds bad. Knocks for awhile, then works normally, then starts knocking again. More picture momentarily. Startup chime is like Shwa-na-na-na-na...
  15. The USPS Gods have brought the mouse a day early, as a sign that they favor this endeavor! I now have everything I need to boot this beast. Here we go...
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