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  1. I found out that there is a mobile version of Hotmail. It is really basic, but I hope it fits your needs: http://mail.live.com/m/
  2. My iMac G5 2GHz can do 720p, but I'd have to wait 'till the whole video is done loading, or else it'll be choppy. When loaded, it has some choppy moments, but it's acceptable.
  3. This works great on my 'new' iBook G3 600Mhz! No problems with it. Sites I tested so far are Youtube, MSN.com, Hotmail, 68kmla offcourse and Macintosh Garden. They all seem to work flawlessly, Flash does also work. TFF itself does also look beautiful. Even HTML5 works, but the performance is not really good to be honest (but still works better than I thought), I used http://9elements.com/io/projects/html5/canvas/ for the HTML5 test. But I hope that you will keep developing this wonderful application!
  4. Wow, thanks for your help! Now I know what I need to search for . Btw, I just bought an iBook G3 . It looks and works very nice.
  5. Hello everyone, My Powerbook G3 Lombard Hard drive is slow and makes click sounds, I'm sure it's pretty much dead now . So I'm going to buy a new one. But I don't really know which interface the HD needs to have; some say PATA, some say SATA etc., and I've read something about a maximum HD size of 128GB, which makes it pretty hard to find a new one. Do I need to know more about the Powerbook G3 HD's, or is this all I need to know? I hope someone can clear this up for me. Thanks !
  6. - I've read the portables need a battery because the power supply isn't enough to operate properly. You need to leave the battery in the Portable. - Did you look in the Control panel? There might be an option to turn backlight on or off.
  7. I have a PowerBook 1400cs and a Powerbook G3 Lombard, but I bought it from a site with the same idea as eBay, so I don't know if it is intended to be brighter.
  8. Yes, I can see it in the standard control panels. And the updater only works for the PowerPort Platinum.
  9. Yes - it does appear on the desktop with the name Powerport Gold. If I double click on it, the software of Powerport appears. I should try the updater tomorrow or so. I hope that helps.
  10. I installed it, but it still doesn't work. The extensions load, I have the control panel, I configurated it etc. etc. Do I need a special modem?
  11. I GOT THE FILES! Thanks for helping, Beachycove (and everyone who wanted to help)! I am trying to get it on my PB1400. I'll edit this message with the status.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. I am trying to find the software again, but no luck. This is really hard to find. But do I need the software? Or can I plug it in my PCMCIA slot and go on Internet? I don't know what software I need to get...
  13. I found the FTP site, but it's down. Is there still hope for my card?
  14. Thanks for the link, but i read: You must have any previous version of GlobalFax for PC Cards already installed. This updater will not install GlobalFax on its own. It's the updater only, so I can't use it.
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