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  1. I did not check at the time because I unplugged the system as soon as I could to avoid permanent damage.
  2. Interesting. That doesn't match my symptoms though, because all my motherboard capacitors have been replaced and are good. Any other ideas? Do I need to swap out those yellow rectangular capacitors on the power supply?
  3. Picked up an old IIci from my local junkyard and cleaned it up, recapped the motherboard, and cleaned up a bunch of corrosion from the leaked capacitors with my ultrasonic cleaner. I was able to boot it after that, and it ran for a while. However, I then had issues booting the machine. Messed around with it for a while and it booted again, but the display started flashing on and off rapidly- I could see the desktop as the display flashed on and off, the computer was not rebooting but it seemed to be losing power and regaining it again. I know the issue is not with the monitor as the monitor st
  4. None of the traces looked that bad to me; is it possible a component may be damaged? Such as a triac?
  5. I have recapped a Macintosh Portable for someone, but when I try to boot it, the screen looks as follows: What might be malfunctioning? The computer had rust damage on the inside and I ultrasonically cleaned the board, but it still does this. Any idea of what components I should look at on the board? I've attached some photos of the top side of the board if anyone can see anything I might have missed:
  6. Upgraded my Performa 640CD from 16 Mb of Mac RAM to 52 Mb of Mac ram. The ram for the Dos portion was 32 Mb before and after the upgrade. After upgrading, the Macintosh System 7.5.1 portion seems to run without issue, but when I try to boot into the DOS portion, I get a blank screen. The DOS portion was working before the upgrade. Does anyone know why this might be happening?
  7. So I took it apart again, and swapped the IDE cable with the one from the other iMac, and everything worked. So I'm not sure if the IDE cable is specific to that drive, or if I was just dealing with a bad IDE cable in the first place.
  8. Picked up the top of the line 1.25 GHz iMac G4 from the junkyard, and everything on it was working except for the CD/DVD drive. When I pressed the eject button on the keyboard, nothing happened. In addition, I went to the command line mode on bootup (CMD+OPTION+O+F) and then typed in "eject cd". The command line responded "CAN'T open the EJECT device." I cracked open the iMac, cleaned out the case and everything, and replaced the CD/DVD drive with a CD/DVD drive from a less powerful iMac G4 (that I knew was working) and turned on the machine. Everything booted up OK, but once again I cannot ej
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