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  1. Well good news, I replaced C6 and C7 and I got video working properly again Sound is still low (so low that I can't hear any bong on startup), hopefully replacing the rest of the capacitors will fix that
  2. Ok, dumb question time RadioShack has 47µF 35V (it's Electrolytic) I'm not familiar with SE/30 board enough... could I use it to replace C7 which is a 47µF 16V? The RadioShack one has a tolerance of +_ 20
  3. My SE/30 has close to 20MB of memory installed... yes odd number but it's what System 6 is reporting (fresh install, wiped HD) to my knowledge System 6 didn't have any "virtual memory" The memory isnt labeld in anyway but I'm guessing the configuration is 4 x 1 MB and 4 x 4MB SIMMS Sometimes on boot it will display a Simasi pattern... but only some times and if I hit reset enough times it will boot like nothing is wrong which leaves me to believe there may be an issue with the memory Another issue is that the sound is very low / no startup chime which directly points at a capaci
  4. Not very high expectations? There are some who hold it in high regard, the best keyboard ever made! I actually ended up liking it, small clicky keyboard.. works for me Did these IIgs keyboards actually come packed in with the machine? I ask this because they have a soft power on button for your bigger Macs... I didn't think the IIgs could soft power on? Seems more like just one of the many options you could select when purchasing just the machine it self (mentioned above)
  5. The short Apple Keyboard II, is this the one that came with the Classic and Classic II? If so I remember it well and even the power on button felt cheap In junior high I had a Macintosh II and it had the original extended ADB keyboard (the one I should of bought) I guess I will see just how good the original short ADB keyboard is I have a Power Macintosh 8500 somewhere at work with the 2nd version of the extended keyboard (tear drop mouse era) and it types well and inst super loud, I was thinking of just snagging that but it wouldn't be historically correct Yep, Apple was at
  6. That certainly does make sense many of machines in the 80s were just the machine it self
  7. Actually I think what I am looking for is more of a terminal accessible BBS from the internet, not of the dial in type We don't have a landline so dialing in isn't an option at the moment Where would you find zterminal or MacTerminal now a days? System 6 Heaven's mirrors are down
  8. I figured that when I started finding pictures of the SE with the standard full keyboard, d'oh I have a IIgs keyboard on the way, if its crap I'll just have to go searching for the fullsize Thanks for your reply/time
  9. Hi, My first post, this is a great forum with a vast amount of information I recently bought a SE/30 on eBay and I'm working on restoring it to it's original condition I have searched around and found some stock SE/30 images the machine sitting with the IIGS keyboard as well as the standard original ADB keyboard Which one original came with the machine by default? What's a good BBS that is still alive (active) and kicking today? That I could access with MacTerminal?
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