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  1. Thanks Wayne and Jim. Several different options. Much appreciated. The G4 Mini server will be excellent.
  2. Ah, brilliant David — thanks. ive also managed to find this horror show: https://www.amazon.com/128GB-KingSpec-2-5-inch-SM2236-Controller/dp/B0091T4ZWU but the price is insane for 120gb.
  3. And would something like this help?
  4. Hi all. A Mac Mini question. I’ve recently acquired a Mini G4 1.25, which is the first one: PowerMac10,1. I want to use the thing as a bridge server from modern Mac to 68k. Everymac lists this as having an Ultra ATA/100 storage interface. OWC no longer seems to stock an SSD for this - they still sell their legacy product in a 3.5 form factor, but not the 2.5” required for the mini. Am I out of luck with internal solutions? Grateful for hints/advice.
  5. Honestly this would be great. I’ve been on the lookout for one of these for a while and they never seem to come up. I don’t suppose anyone has one they could measure with the requisite degree of accuracy? Are they the same as SE ones except for the placement of the hooks/pins/shafts or whatever they’re called?
  6. Font/DA mover, hold “option” as you click on the “open” button. Will let you open applications, not just suitcases and system files.
  7. Discussions with Michael from CodeSrc continue. Two bits of news today: I have a Nubus video card that can do native 1024x768 (RasterOps 108+), which means I can run an LCD at native resolution. It’s not working perfectly though. I need more info on the jumpers on the card, so I’ve ordered one that comes with all the original packaging, manuals etc. Second bit of news is that the hard drive in my G4 server has packed it in. I’m going to need a replacement, and OWC’s Australian distributor no longer carries the replacement SSDs for IDE Macs. Sigh.
  8. I’m torn between LCD panels that are 1024x768 and CRTs. The latter’s period accurate, but LCD is so much better. Perhaps CRT for games. Perhaps I should just fix my CRTs.... Still, congrats on your dream machine. Enjoy building it.
  9. Did you end up winning it? Didn’t go for all that much in the end.
  10. Thanks Jeremy. Sounds like it’ll work — now I need to decide if driving three hours each way is a goer.
  11. An update - Michael from CodeSrc sent me an experimental firmware file that apparently removes some of the speed enhancements and it works! Interestingly it works better in the IIfx than the Quadra 700 in one sense — in the Quadra it needs external Molex power to have more than one SCSI target, whereas in the IIfx it’ll do that off termination power alone. Props to Michael for his responsiveness.
  12. Oh but wait - the Service source says System Requirements Power Macintosh, Macintosh Centris, Macintosh Quadra, or any NuBus compatible Macintosh with a Macintosh Display Card 24AC. Macintosh II family, PowerBooks, Duo and Mini Dock, Macintosh Performa, Macintosh LC, LC II, LC III, and Macintosh computers with Display Cards 4•8, 8•24, 8•24GC work in 640x480 mode. Other modes possible with additional adapters. System software version 7.1 or later If the resolution is a matter of a hardware adaptor, what could the system version have to do with it?
  13. Ahoy all - the Apple Multiple Scan 17 Display is listed as requiring system 7.1. I seem to recall that it defaults to 640x480 otherwise. But what happens if you hook one up to a video card that only supplies, say, 1024x768? There’s one for sale nearby, but I want to use it with system 6. Any ideas?
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