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  1. Hi all Does anyone know whether the Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24x works with System 6? It seems like the software won’t install pre-system 7, but I wonder about the cars working itself?
  2. Very glad it’s possibly useful, Eric and Josh.
  3. Hi all — not sure if this will be useful to anyone, but I finally got round to archiving the driver disk that came with my NIB RasterOps 108+ NuBus card. Might help revive someone’s card. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/rasterops-108-driver
  4. It’s been a while! A new conquest: finally, an AppleColor High Resolution RGB Display. Is now attached to my IIfx for a beautiful authentic colour look.
  5. Thanks NJRoadfan. I bought this cable and it works marvellously: Appreciate the advice, as always.
  6. Thanks BacioiuC — I’ll check that out.
  7. Hi all - revivifying an old thread, but I’m also keen to find an answer to this question. Is the Mac monitor DB15 to DB15 cable just a straight through thing or something more complicated?
  8. Thanks Wayne and Jim. Several different options. Much appreciated. The G4 Mini server will be excellent.
  9. Ah, brilliant David — thanks. ive also managed to find this horror show: https://www.amazon.com/128GB-KingSpec-2-5-inch-SM2236-Controller/dp/B0091T4ZWU but the price is insane for 120gb.
  10. Hi all. A Mac Mini question. I’ve recently acquired a Mini G4 1.25, which is the first one: PowerMac10,1. I want to use the thing as a bridge server from modern Mac to 68k. Everymac lists this as having an Ultra ATA/100 storage interface. OWC no longer seems to stock an SSD for this - they still sell their legacy product in a 3.5 form factor, but not the 2.5” required for the mini. Am I out of luck with internal solutions? Grateful for hints/advice.
  11. Honestly this would be great. I’ve been on the lookout for one of these for a while and they never seem to come up. I don’t suppose anyone has one they could measure with the requisite degree of accuracy? Are they the same as SE ones except for the placement of the hooks/pins/shafts or whatever they’re called?
  12. Font/DA mover, hold “option” as you click on the “open” button. Will let you open applications, not just suitcases and system files.
  13. Discussions with Michael from CodeSrc continue. Two bits of news today: I have a Nubus video card that can do native 1024x768 (RasterOps 108+), which means I can run an LCD at native resolution. It’s not working perfectly though. I need more info on the jumpers on the card, so I’ve ordered one that comes with all the original packaging, manuals etc. Second bit of news is that the hard drive in my G4 server has packed it in. I’m going to need a replacement, and OWC’s Australian distributor no longer carries the replacement SSDs for IDE Macs. Sigh.
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