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  1. Sorry for my inactivity here. I thought I was receiving email notifications on this thread but apparently not! Sounds like the majority of people here think the mini is a terrible machine with really bad performance. I'm with johnklos here; the mini has performed really well for me on Tiger and Leopard. Of course, since I use a G5 as my daily driver, we probably have different definitions of "bad performance". To me, you haven't seen slow until you try to use a Clamshell as your daily driver. Even that was acceptable. It depends on what you're used to. For now, I do have a use for the
  2. Thanks for the replies. I don't really know anything about compiling the Python myself of anything like that; I'm still learning the language and mainly experementing at this point. I do have a project I'd like to do with it but I won't be ready for awhile.
  3. Well, as I said, my Intel iMac is my server. I have a 1.5GHz model and it's really nice! The graphics must be pretty good too as I've run Minecraft at a reasonable speed on it. This machine is my second-fastest PPC, so I don't think I'll be selling...
  4. I've used Clasilla on them, but I really have no desire to browse the web on my slowest systems. What kind of languages can you code in? Because I'm trying to learn Python for a project, and I'm currently using my Raspberry Pi to code in it. If I could get a modern version of Python on the Clamsell it'd be amazing. I've never really been interested in emulating consoles, but it may be a fun thing to try. I've tried MorphOS on my mini, and I didn't like it. I'll keep that in mind should I get anything older! Maybe I'll try some out, thanks. I'm actually con
  5. Hello, Most of my PPCs have good uses. All except my mini G4 (and I have a thread on it on the PPC Desktops forum) and my two iBook G3s. I have a 500MHz G3 Snow and a 333MHz G3 Clamshell. For owners of this laptop: do you have any uses? I hate to see a good PPC go to waste and I'm wondering what I could use these machines for. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Henry
  6. Hello, I own 6 PowerPC Macs in total (see them in my signature), and most of them I've found uses for. G5 is my main Mac, iMac G4 is for music and writing, iBook G4 is laptop, Intel iMac is file server. iBook G3s are collectables. But then I have my Mac mini G4 which is not being put to good use right now. Which is sad, as it's one of my fastest systems. It just sits there, never used. Any ideas for a good use for this guy? Thanks, Henry
  7. Another idea: Upgrade to Leopard, use iTunes 10. I understand if you don't want to, but I find Leopard to usually be a good choice over Tiger. It supports more software, you get access to LeopardRebirth, and iTunes 10 works perfectly with the store. I understand if you don't want to upgrade, but I think Leopard is worth trying on a second partition.
  8. Yes, I am planning to use this as a productive computer, ianj. As I said before, though, we have different views of "slow". I will try Tiger (sorry that I'm procrastinating so much). If I can load apple.com in 20 seconds I am happy. Web browsing is not my main use. Mainly music and word processing. I will not buy an Intel. bunnspecial, I see that you are kind of recommending Leopard. As time goes on and Tiger gets more and more obsolete, I may upgrade it to Leopard. I'm hearing TFF might become Leopard-only soon, anyway. That would leave us with no good browser for Tiger. So, I could be up
  9. I am NOT running OS 9. It's Tiger or Leopard for me. I really like TFF and I'd like to be able to sync my bookmarks via Firefox Sync. I'm not getting an Intel either. I don't normally like to upgrade something unless I absolutely need to (a few weeks ago, an iPhone 2G was my main iPhone. But I needed better web browsing, so I switched to a 3GS). I am determined to put this iMac to good use. This thread/topic if getting a little off-topic here... I just want to know if I should go with 10.4 or 10.5. And I'm going with 10.4, it looks like.
  10. I'd like to! I've never really tried Linux before. Once I tried Debian, but my computer wouldn't boot up correctly after installation. Do you have any good recommendations? I'd really, really like a GUI with this also. . Also, I need something that supports a fully up-to-date web browser, 'cause OS X can do that (TFF).
  11. Well, here's one of my reasons for going with Tiger... this iMac has 512MB of RAM. Now, I remember 512MB working well on some other Mac models for Leopard. But I think that in this case I should go with Tiger.
  12. That's what I ended up doing, and now I have Leopard working on my G5! I really like TDM also, I remember quite a while ago I bought a Firewire 400 cable and it was probably one of the best purchases in my life. For just a few bucks, I could install and clone operating systems, as well as recover data, easier than ever before.
  13. Wait a sec... I can just clone the iBook's hard drive!
  14. Tried changing what was attached to the G5, still no luck. Now, if it would help, I have. USB 1TB hard drive. Maybe it would boot from that easier?
  15. I am glad to say that bunnspecials Open Firmware command did the trick on my iBook G4. However, when I try with my Power Mac G5, I get the prohibited sign. I was thinking of detaching some USB items on my G5 (like a display that uses USB port for hub) and I will try that later. The installation is currently going smoothly on my iBook G4.
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