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  1. I have such fond childhood associations with the Performa 6400/180 + this same monitor! I was a computer-crazy kid but my family was poor, so I was only able to really get my hands on machines 2-3 generations behind (I had an Apple IIe and a Mac Plus, both found at yard sales). The parents of one of my closest friends when I was ~14 years old upgraded to a Performa 6400/180 just like yours, and I spent many happy sleepover nights at his house playing Descent and exploring all the bundled CD-ROM's - having a machine that powerful as a home computer just seemed insane to me. I'll never forget th
  2. Oh that's interesting - thanks for the tip, sounds like it could be a bit of a time-saver on this project. Since I'm a newbie with this topic, could you link me to one of the eBay items that you've used for this swap/upgrade? Thanks! Huxley
  3. Howdy guys! I've got a few eMate 300's around, and (of course) their battery packs are all long dead. I'm fortunate to have a working AC adapter, but that's way less fun than running a portable machine in fully-portable mode. Given this, I'm looking at rebuilding the battery packs (3 packs total, maybe 4-5 if I get ambitious and want to make a couple to offer to other eMate owners). I have minimal soldering skill or electronics knowledge, but the guides I'm finding for this project make it look reasonably straightforward even for an amateur like me. Here's my main quest
  4. That's a really fantastic idea, I'll work on that this weekend. Obviously this is a semi-obscure problem even in the already-obscure world of "running old software on old hardware to make content for even-more-obscure old hardware," but still - I'm lucky I found a solution, and for anyone with less luck / experience than I have (it was definitely 'dumb luck' that I happened to have a working copy of Toast on my SCSI2SD drive) would probably give up in frustration before too long, as I nearly did. Thanks! Huxley
  5. Hi again everyone! Quick update: Several people here + on Facebook + on Twitter reached out to assist, but everyone seems to be passing around the same set of "DMG" images for Newton Press, which I was having no luck with - I couldn't get them to mount (using Disk Copy) on my vintage Mac, and they wouldn't mount on my modern Mac either. HOWEVER: I finally just got them to mount on the System 7 machine by first loading them into Roxio Toast, which quickly recognized them and mounted the images without any issues - I was able to install normally from there. Yay! I hope my oddball so
  6. Hi guys! Pretty quick / simple question: does anyone have a working installer for Newton Press? The only copy I've been able to find online comes in a pair of "DMG disk images, and nothing I've tried has been able to actually get them to mount on either my 'target Mac' (a Performa 575 running System 7.6.1) or my modern Mac. Thanks for any help here! Huxley
  7. So, so true - feel like I must've racked up some extra-good karma or something! 2-player Lemmings is a great suggestion, I'll rope my kid in to try that with me. I'm especially excited to play Hired Guns, which is the only 4-players-on-one-computer RPG I think I've ever seen. I was so surprised when I opened the box and found a unique splitter-cable, for attaching two more joysticks to the machine! Huxley PS
  8. To say that I’m overwhelmed by this would be an understatement: This past weekend, an incredibly generous colleague just gave me his entire childhood retrocomputing collection - he's downsizing his life ahead of a big move, and decided that holding onto this stuff was less appealing than adding it to my Retro Roadshow, where they might be restored / shared / enjoyed for years to come. My poor Prius was sagging on the drive home! A quick list/summary follows: At first glance: Boxed Commodore VIC-20 w/ monitor & accessories Boxed Commodore 64 w/ monitor & access
  9. Great tip / advice, thanks. I just watched a YouTube video showing the process, and even with my highly-limited / beginner-level soldering skills, I think I could manage replacing the RIFA. Does anyone happen to know (or have a link to) the specific part I'd want to order as a replacement? H.
  10. <raises hand and waves like a maniac> I'm in the Bay myself and I'm also the lucky/proud owner of a (non-NASA-customized) Mac IIfx, so once it's safe to do a meetup, I'd love to collaborate on a video, maybe even a comparison type thing showing my IIfx against this crazy NASA beast! My IIfx was originally purchased and used as a CAD workstation during the earliest design phase of the New Mexico SpacePort (currently called "SpacePort America," I think), so while it isn't NASA surplus, it too has a space-connection Either way, congrats on finding and restoring this
  11. A few new pics! First: here's a close-up showing that this is actually a "Revision A" motherboard, which I gather makes it somewhat rare, since most would've been updated to a later revision to get the benefit of Double Hi-Res graphics (and probably other improvements). Is that right? I've never owned more than one IIe at a time (my "main" IIe is a heavily-upgraded Platinum), so I'm pretty ignorant of these earlier models... As a "Rev. A" machine, it still has the original MOS 6502 CPU, rather than the enhanced 65C02 found in mother other Apple II's
  12. Congrats! I have a CC (upgraded with a Color Classic II motherboard) and it's a delightful little machine - cute looks with decent performance. I will suggest that you immediately contact the seller and beg them to pack the thing like it's a Fabergé egg or a Ming vase or something similarly rare, valuable and (above all else) delicate. The plastics on Macs of this era are so brittle, and these all-in-one machines have the added burden of an internal CRT introducing a lot of mass to be supported by those brittle plastic internal structures. I'd suggest requesting that they pad the hell out of t
  13. Thanks, and agreed! As vintage tech has gotten harder to find "in the wild," it's made these occasional windfalls feel that much sweeter H.
  14. I was recently contacted by a local person who asked if I'd be interested in buying an old Apple floppy drive for cheap, which I definitely was. When I got to the meetup, he said "all you wanted was the floppy drive, right?" I replied, "the way you're phrasing that has me very curious!" Long story short, he handed off a bulging tub with some very special items inside: An Apple Monitor III + Apple IIe + floppy drive + cloth cover + various cables! The seller said that the stuff came from a close friend who's "no longer around" (not sure if that means they moved or passed away), who want
  15. I'm 100% an end-user and lack hardware-engineering skills, so please believe me when I say HOLY CRAP YOU DID IT Not even kidding, if / when you make these boards available to purchase I'll absolutely be in line to buy at least one, likely two. Just astounding, incredible work, @Bolle. I jumped off my chair when I scrolled down to the pic of your SE/30 booting from the new board! Huxley
  16. This is such a gorgeous restoration job - congrats! I just pulled my Portable from storage earlier today, and I'm hoping to join the club of folks with working backlit Portables soon...
  17. Oh man, that's a great haul for the price! Just note that it's the "cs" edition (not the plain "c" model), so it will have the less-enjoyable passive-matrix display. My PB1400 is also a "cs" and I'm actively searching for a body-less "c" display I can do a monitor-swap with Anyway, congrats again! H.
  18. At risk of derailing the topic, I just remembered that a year or two ago, I created a little Imgur album about the PCMCIA "Hard Disk Card" I referenced above, and how I use it with my PowerBook 1400 - here's the link, if anyone's curious: https://imgur.com/gallery/NbV8lnI Huxley
  19. In my case, it's just another disk in the Startup Disk control panel - no startup-key-combo magic required, thankfully H.
  20. Can confirm! My PB1400 (CS model, upgraded with 40MB RAM and G3 CPU) has a 2x-height PCMCIA Hard Drive Card (a literal spinning-disk drive in the form of a double-height PCMCIA card) with a backup copy of MacOS 8.1 and it happily boots from it Congrats @travistouchdown - the PB1400 is a really special machine, and you've got a great example of it here. Treat it well and it'll last forever Huxley
  21. Gotcha, totally makes sense. You're right about the battery holder - one of the posts is completely rotted away, while the other is barely holding on and not long for the world. Here's a pic which will haunt my nightmares for a while: In any case, I have another IIci I rescued from an e-waste place last year - that one is in much worse cosmetic condition, but didn't seem to have nearly as much damage to the motherboard. If nothing else, I should be able to combine the case of this newer one with the mobo of the older one and end up with something workable...
  22. Sighhhh... the battery did indeed puke its guts onto the logic board Here are some updated pics showing what looks to be fairly severe corrosion / battery-juice damage: https://imgur.com/a/FloNF6d The corrosion on the RAM looks pretty bad, and the battery holder itself (not just the pop-off cover, but the whole battery chassis) is hanging on by a thread. I have only the most rudimentary soldering skills and haven't restored anything nearly this bad before, so feedback is very welcome. Does this look fatal, or could it be repaired? Thanks for any insights,
  23. Got lucky on Craigslist and ended up with a nice Mac IIci for the low, low price of FREEEE! It’s in unknown functional status at the moment, and the original owner just asked that I copy off any data which I may find on the SCSI drive (should the drive even work). Pretty cool! Other than the totally-normal dust bunnies inside, there are some indications that the machine has been exposed to liquid / moisture - there's some rust-colored staining around the ports on the rear. Nevertheless, I'm hopeful that I can make it live again - cross your fingers that the battery hasn't exploded in t
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