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  1. I've had 2 Mac mini G4s... They are by far the most useless of the G-series PPC Macs other than for a file server or time machine server. The graphics are laughable, and the 1GB RAM limit is a killer. My first MMG4, which was a 1.25GHz, went to @Bunnspecial and I decided to never get another unless it was free. Sure enough, someone offered me a free 1.42 maxed out MMG4, so now I have another. I installed Ubuntu Mate on it and it ran semi-decently, but was still very slow and limited.
  2. I see several connectors in that picture: the one at the top left is the Duo Dock/MiniDock/MicroDock port, standard on all PowerBook Duos. In the top center is the power jack. In the top right is the AppleTalk jack for printer/localtalk. In the center of the motherboard is some sort of ZIF connector, which would likely be used for either the mouse button and ball or keyboard. Finally, at the bottom right is the battery connection terminals. On certain models, in the top far left would be a modem jack, but this doesn't seem to be a common feature selected on the 210s as most of the ones I've se
  3. Can anyone make models for the compact Mac floppy disk drive gears that break often. Also, the Apple leaf and CD bezels for Clamshells would be awesome too. Lastly, a slot Loading Optical disk drive cover for Pismo/Lombard PowerBook G3s would be nice as well. I have access to both a MakerBot Replicator 2 and MakerBot Replicator+ (we're now on our 4th MakerBot Replicator+ As the 3 previous were recalled/faulty).
  4. Can you please respond to my latest PM? I'd like to keep working on a solution to the issue.
  5. http://forums.macrumors.com/proxy.php?image=http%3A%2F%2Fuploads.tapatalk-cdn.com%2F20161206%2F0c5b23200c4d118be5856766c8b0b88b.jpg&hash=eb6e10e52b2b210fa8d8f2db0a3df35e http://forums.macrumors.com/proxy.php?image=http%3A%2F%2Fuploads.tapatalk-cdn.com%2F20161206%2F9bac473a91f23ec60afeebc4709ab9a9.jpg&hash=c08f26d1d33eb0aa84595142ce162b75 That's what the error messages look like. I deleted anything that had AirPort in the title, then got a fresh set of AirPort 2.0.4 drivers, but that didn't work. I also updated the firmware and reset PRAM and PMU, which both didn't work either..
  6. Just got my clamshell today. Its running 9.2.1 and it has an airport card installed. However, I keep getting error code 3278. It appears when I open the airport app and when I go to where there should be networks, and all I see is 3278. I've tried swapping AIrport cards, I tried reseating it, I tried a fresh install... Idk whats wrong with it, but its annoying me to no end. Any ideas?
  7. How can I get one? I would LOVE a Clamshell, one of the few G-era Macs I don't have...
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