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  1. You wouldn't be able to run it on 512MBs of RAM anyways. ???
  2. I believe you're thinking of the 'Radeon Mac Edition', or '7200'. Because AFAIK, the 7500 was never available in PCI flavor for the Mac. The final Radeon PCI offered for the Mac by ATi was the 9200. Aside from the 7000, there's also the original ' Radeon Mac Edition/7200'. It was the first Radeon PCI ATi offered for the Mac and is actually significantly faster than the far more common 7000.
  3. IT'S ALIVE!!! All I know is that I put the battery back in and pressed the power button and it booted up. I don't know what happened. I don't care. Yayz.
  4. Definitely an excellent conquest.
  5. It is not a Mac Edition. I am very, very sorry. I needed a better video card to replace the horrid Intel Extreme Graphics II in my Compaq. Must be nice to have an AGP slot in your PC.
  6. Mac Edition? If it's Mac Edition (ADC), it's a 4600. And assuming it is a Mac Edition; nice score.
  7. Not the baddest piece of machinery on earth, but a friend unloaded a Pavilion 505w on me; 2.4GHz Celeron 512MBs of RAM (2GB system max) 80GB Seagate DVD-ROM/CD-RW combo drive An ASUS mATX board that's lacks AGP, but has 3x PCI available. I may throw some more RAM in there or use the fact that I have a nice case and optical drive as a reason to buy a 780G-based mATX board, some DDR2 and a 45w Athlon 4850e.
  8. Yeah, already did that. The machine has been sitting unplugged in the corner for the better part of a week and I didn't put the PRAM battery back in until tonight. Man, I really don't wanna have to chuck a 9600. One of my favorite machines ever.
  9. Well, I removed the Radeon, ZIF Carrier and PRAM battery and held down the CUDA for around 10 seconds three times over. Nothing. And Cmd-Opt-P-R still wont take. Which is the most confusing thing of all to me.
  10. I went over the board very closely a few days ago looking for missing resistors or busted batteries/caps; nothing. :-\ And yeah, I definitely wish I still had some original parts. But I threw away nearly all of my Mac junk earlier this year when I was convinced that my days of playing with old Macs were behind me. So wrong... You reset the PRAM or the CUDA? I still can't get PRAM to take from the keyboard command. I'll try removing the card and hitting the CUDA a few times. And I'm using a standard ratio 15" HP CRT w/ VGA. So I doubt it's causing any problems. Than
  11. You're very lucky. The G3 700s have actually become sought after due to their rarity. They go for a good bit on eBay.
  12. The original CPU is long gone. I also don't have the original hard drive and in fact don't have one installed at the moment. And I'm using the stock Apple SCSI CD-ROM. Hadn't thought to try blind booting from a disc yet though. May have to try that tomorrow. And I've been through more video cards than I could ever count, and I don't recall ever seeing one that requires the OS to load an extension/driver before giving even a low-res signal. Don't have the original video card, either. But if I had another running machine that would allow me to install OS 9 and the Radeon driver/extension
  13. Sounds like your 9500 caught something from my 9600.
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